February 19, 2018

White Dog is pretty patient when it comes to brushing and the other elements of good grooming. But she laughs at the level of drama that some of the White Dog Army reaches at the idea of a foot fur trim (Zsofia howls as though she is being skinned) or an ear cleaning (Bella spends hours after shaking her head and rubbing her face along the furniture).

With an Army of customers, Chez Steve's Spa Days are really more like Spa Weeks. We started by attempting to trim Bailey's owl toes on Saturday and got two feet done before Sachi's distraction of barfing in the hallway allowed our Big Girl to escape to the yard. Then Stormer calmly took a bath but he did not want to be rubbed so we placed him gently on a pile of towels to dry the natural way. Bella cried softly in my arms as Steve dremeled her nails; she refused to talk to me the rest of the morning.

We had to pause as towels were washed and dried...LOTS of towels are needed when it is Spa Day for an Army.

Opal came and created a stir by asking to be brushed! "Is she trying to make the rest of us look bad?" Sachi groused. Our former mill dog absolutely adores the attention and soothing rhythm of being brushed she leans into the activity and truly enjoys her moment.
"Better her than me," Bailey encouraged me as she casually got up and sauntered from the room. Opal, on the other hand turned to show me just where I needed to direct the brush next.


February 18, 2018

White Dog did not respond to calls and, of course, came in just as I put the last bit in my mouth. "Where were you? I called. I just finished because I thought you were not interested." She looked at me incredulously.
"We love cheesecake, momma," the others said and gathered for a little "taste." They were walking away licking lips when WD came in.

She stood and just stared in shock at my momma failure to know she was coming...just in HER time. A small sound caught in her throat.

"Oh for dog's sake," I said holding my plate out to Steve. "Could you scrape a mouthful from the side of the cake...just a thin, tiny morsel for her highness. And make her sit before she gets it."

As they both went into the kitchen White Dog turned and grinned at me over her shoulder.

February 17, 2018

White Dog walked away, saying "Call me when it is sampling time." She has the ultimate confidence that the "A" Team of Turkey Watchers will know EXACTLY when it is time.


February 16, 2018

White Dog nodded toward her sister. "Some pup has owl feet. Maybe Chez Steve's Spa is going to need to be open for business this weekend."

Bailey looked up puzzled. She has not had a paw-dicure since arriving at White Dog Ranch. Zsofia stood up and whispered in her ear. (Zso HATES spa day). Both girls casually strolled out of the room...and we heard the dog door bang.


February 15, 2018

White Dog moped along with the rest of the White Dog Army. It began raining last night cancelling walks and so far continued all day. It was real rain, not the typical, mist for ten minutes and dry streets in twenty that usually is called rain. It was damp and uncomfortable. Not cold but still it made everyone achy. Plus it was grey; just sort of a noncolor that sucked the vibrance from everything.

"I KNOW we need the rain," she said. "and we are glad the ground is getting a good soaking. But I don't want to be soaked just running out to take care of business We are all just dashing out to the deck and back in to avoid the yuckiness. Dad even slipped on the ramp carrying Stormer out and fell. Plus we are all SO bored...and tired of napping."

I handed out an extra round of jerky as a consolation prize but even that and a group read of Shel Silverstein poetry did not help. i went back to work. "Weather says rain is supposed to end by early evening," I called out to the WDA.

"It BETTER!" Tizenegy grumbled from behind me.


February 14, 2018

White Dog was awakened by the Army's barking salute and call to a breakfast specially sent from Chicago...Chicago-style Italian beef over rice. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY went the song. It seemed to go on for an hour but was cut short by Nilla, our matriarch, saying "We will celebrate all day, now it is time to EAT!" Even White dog could not argue as she hopped up on the sofa to inhale the treat.

This is our leader, some of our favorite views, carefully chosen by each of the members of the WDA as representative of the many faces and hats worn by Siku Marie over the past 13 years.

Italian beef for breakfast!

With all of our love. With all of our souls. With all of our gratitude. Happy Happy Gotcha Day from all of us.


February 13, 2018

White Dog was an only child for five years before she saw the sad eyes of the Mighty Quinn in a photo and decided to invite him to share our family. Since then, the Little White Dog of My Heart has opened our lives to TWENTY-TWO special babies who have become the White Dog Army.

Today, the day before WD's Gotcha Day, we remember our growth and other Gotcha Days.
Siku meets The Mighty Quinn
And then Nuka

Puff was next

And YoYoMa

Oso joined us next


Taiko as a new recruit

Sachi sailed in

Welcome, Zsofia!

Benson tries out the Queen's throne

White Dog met Ferguson at the airport

At Nilla's Welcome Party
Gentle Storm

Pearl and Opal arrived together

CA Stormer came next

WD let Trixie sleep in one of her favorite spots because the big girl needed room to stretch

WD welcomed Anya

Bailey took Trixie's spot on the sofa

Tizenegy pays close attention as White Dog inducts him into the WDA

Roman reviews the WDA Gallery

Siku greets Darby, our meteor with us only 7 days in 2015