August 20, 2019

White Dog filled in the details along with the thers and Steve when the nurse arrived to look at my leg. Ice and elevation had not done the trick overnight; in fact, my entire leg was swollen to the point of being hard and usable. The nurse was talking about water retention, the need to get the water off the leg, and drawing blood.

The White Dogs have become pretty used to the idea of medical types coming into the house and fussing with me. They at least limit their momma protection to lying nearby and watching intently ready to intercede if needed.

I am a tough blood draw...usually the best option is from the back of my hand or inside wrist using a baby butterfly needle. My veins are notorious for rolling which is a caution I give before I go into kind of a "zone" while they search for and score blood. We were not having much luck.

"Maybe it is the fluid build up," she offered apologetically. "But we really need to do these tests. When I was an ER nurse I was the go to for tough draws." She started rubbing the big vein between my shoulder   and neck. My look was nervous. "It seems pretty solid; we could try there."

The WDA decided that was a line they could not abide and as one stood and closed in ranks around me. My reassurances were not enough nor were Steve's come-sit commands. My pack was not going to let that BIG needle get so close to my face. Steve had to drag each dog to the kitchen behind the gate and then sit so they would not push through.

Quickly the nurse used the spot and drew what was needed. She moved to the other side of the room when Steve freed the WDA who swarmed me demanding sniffs and oks. She got glares and pointed body language that she was not welcome closer.

Labs will be back tonight. For the next three days I am to keep complete bed rest and increase my Lasik. On Friday the nurse will return and likely will add a stronger diuretic if there is still swelling. Ice is fine, but no wrapping. And lots of floofy white dog care.


August 19,2019

White Dog and the White Dog Army came charging into the  bathroom at my stream of  VERY blue expletives. I had miss stepped (easy to do with my wobbly gait)  and crash landed awkwardly on the toilet. I hurt, had scared myself and was nt sure II could right myself.

Like a pack full of Lassies Steve, who had also hears my cries, was alerted and the blizzard parted to make way for his arms of assistance. He helped me to the bed and pu my foot up. The medical team gathered around to sniff and assess. I winced when Steve bent the foot up and out. 

"Let's put some ice on it and see," Steve  advised. "Are you ok here on the bed?" I looked around at the faces of those who would now settle around me and watch over. I swallowed aspirin. "It is going to be ugly," I predicted, but for now we are doing all that can be done...just love this bruised soon to be colorfully purple old momma. Just love me,."



August 18, 2019

White Dog came out of the office where she had been napping. "Thought you were going to take a nice long mid-morning siesta?" I asked her.
"I WAS sleeping until Tizenegy asked dad to explain the architecture work he was doing. Now it is total archi gabfest because Tiz wants dad to explain every color and shape...and you KNOW dad loves to talk about his projects. Can I just lie down here next to you? Everypup seems to be focused on digesting breakfast properly."

August 17, 2019

White Dog snuggled next to Steve. "We saved a very special birthday gift for today, dad," she said and the rest of the White Dog Army blizzarded around them on the sofa. "Today is Nothing on Dad's To-Do List Day."

Zsofia continued, "All tasks are officially on hold, except eating. Yard cleanup, washing the snooter art from the watching window can wait. This day is totally about your kicking back and relaxing."

"Maybe take a nap, or sketch on the computer, or do yoga," Tizenegy suggested.

"But no upsetting scrolling of the newsfeeds or Facebook posts," Pearl restricted. "We want you to give yourself a break from human drama."

Bailey hopped up and pushed the sofa section that reclines. "What do you say we settle down now and start with a nap?" "And after, some cheesecake," Bella enticed.

Steve looked tempted. Roman pushed at his legs to swing them up on the ottoman then curled up against it prepared to join the sleep-in. Opal took up a spot of protection.
TWO naps, cheesecake and veggie chips later the White Dog Army led Steve out into the yard for a game of gang fetch where everyone barrels after the ball and all chase back to Steve no matter who is carrying the prize.

And then it was time to sit on the porch and watch sunset while sharing little bites of cheese. Steve sighed. "Thanks White Dog, you and the Army know just the perfect apres-Birthday day."


August 16, 2019

White Dog and the White Dog Army celebrate a very special person's birthday:


August 15, 2019

White Dog took advantage of an anniversary soiree at Steve's office to gather the White Dog Army and work on the birthday card. Everything else was ready but she still was not satisfied with the words expressed. "There are so many things we all want to say, momma," she said, "but we don't want just a list of stuff dad does. It is more than that but yet he is crucial in keeping things going and meeting the needs to help us thrive.

"How do you list picking up dog poop next to just letting us rest with our head in his lap even though he has to go to the bathroom? Or his getting up from sleep in the middle of the night to help you?

And onions. He makes pizza with onions because he likes them BUT he caramelizes yours...and leaves an entire section free of onions so the WDA can share bites.

It is big things like walks on nights when his gout is throbbing. And getting up early after a sleepless night because he knows we need time to play in the yard. And spending his new gym shoe budget because my back is spasming and I need to see Dr. Julia.

But it is just an importantly the little things. Taking the time to gentle clean the dinner dribble from Tizenegy's mane where the bib did not do its job. Or sitting with Roman pressed against his leg during a thunderstorm. It is stopping as he walks past you to massage the shoulder muscle you mentioned was feeling tight. Or breaking Bella's cookie into smaller pieces for her.

And Dad does all of these things while going to work everyday and juggling those demands; yes, he is lucky to be able to work from home but he still has to do the work and make the calls and go to the meetings. We are grateful because we like the idea of a roof over our heads and food in the refrigerator.

How do we even address that it takes someone very special to decide to donate a chunk of their life, a BIG chunk, on making a difference in the world? Paws To People is his effort, sweat, and constant attention and he has helped better our understanding of lyme disease, end of life decisions, and now auto immune diseases like Yo had. He is helping to save lives.

White Dog looked up into my eyes. "HOW are we ever going to tell Dad that all of these things and even more are the Dad we know and love and wish the happiest of birthdays? Can you use you magic with words, momma? Can you make Dad understand that he is the most amazing and loved being EVER...by all of us who have ever been in the WDA? Can you make our words touch his heart.?"

I wrapped my arms around the Little White Dog of My Heart and reached out my other hand to pet the heads surrounding me.

"I think you already have done a perfect job, my loves."


August 14, 2019

White Dog was glad that dad came home a bit weary and asked for a few moments to nap after dinner. "It will give us a chance to do some planning for dad's birthday festivities on Friday," she whispered.

So dad went to lie down in the bedroom and White Dog convened the White Dog Army. Momma? White Dog looked at me, apparently I was still not totally forgiven for calling out the Special Day as Thursday not Friday, "You and I will talk AFTER the planning session," I was told,.


August 13, 2019

White Dog skimmed the two reports from Dr. Spohn. "Little things but nothing we can't tuck and run with," she said.

Pearl's lab report comes back with results appear within normal limits as well with the exception of high eosinophils, which are typically elevated in the face of parasitic infection or allergic reaction. The vet recommends giving her 10 mg of Claritin daily for allergies, if she isn't already on an antihistamine. A fecal test can be a good start to ruling out parasites, but this is likely secondary to her allergies; Dr. Julia's office can run that test since they are closer. Antihistamines are better utilized with omega 3 fatty acids and I know you give those.  Still waiting for Pearls free T4 results and will message you when they are back but let's get started on the treatment as soon as possible so we can recheck.

There is some evidence that Opal is hypothyroid because her free T4 by equilibrium dialysis is low at 3.6 (normal is around 8.4). Her liver and kidney values as well as electrolytes all look like they are where they should be...though her platelets are mildly elevated. So, we need to get her started on medications for hypothyroidism. We will want to recheck thyroid in one month. Otherwise she is a good weight and other values are sound. 

We spoke about more and the doctor reassured White Dog, Opal and Pearl that these were not issues that could not be controlled and that undue worry was not necessary.  "Let's just do the medications and stay trim and watch a little closer so we stay ahead of what is basically aging," Dr. Spohn concluded.

Cod liver for everyone for dinner was decreed!

August 12, 2013

White Dog is still getting used to her pain medication. Some days it overwhelms her and makes her sleepy. "Momma, I am SO tired," she told me at walk time. "Can I please be excused and just go to bed early? No, I do not even want a treat."

Passing on the treat was a sure sign that the Little White Dog of My Heart really did need to sleep so I kissed her forehead and directed her to her bed. It took barely lying down before MyGirl was asleep.


August 11, 2019

White Dog challenged Steve on Day 2 of Birthday Week to identify the Army. Can you?
and this?
who is this?
which WDA member am I?
Who am I?
Hint: I am not White Dog
White Dog was thrilled. Dad got every single one correct! How about you?