May 5, 2021

White Dog nodded her head knowingly. "It is the mark of being the smaller girl in a land of giants."

Evening dessert time is well mannered but involves less social distancing, some might even say much more crowding, than other treat times in our day. White Dog waits until the end, knowing her share of the vanilla ice cream topped with a blop of peanut butter will be saved for her to daintily lick while held in my arms. 

The others seek more immediate gratification and slurp their spoonful unmindful of who is around, or under, them. Generally not a drop esapes experienced tongues but Bella's hip check of Bailey as our big girl wrapped around her bite caused a drip...on the waiting Opal.

Generally, SOME pup would have groomed the heart-shaped yumminess from her forehead but Opal took her frozen treat neatly from the spoon then rubbed paws over her head. The spot was cleaned and provided a bit extra taste of pb. 


May 4, 2021

White Dog had a followup appointment with Dr. Julia to chart the progress of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy and to recheck her vaginitis infection. "Things are all cleared up," our healer told a huffing and unsettled White Dog who resented the intrusion. "You can discontinue the antibiotic." Careful feeling along WD's legs, hips and spine made White Dog kick out impatiently. "Good," Dr. Julia said, "I am feeling some excellent muscle mass developing. There is resistence and strength. Keep up the good work," 

White Dog looked pointedly at the exam room door. "Yep." the vet said, "You can go." and to Steve, "When was the last time you came and there was no charge?"

Steve laughed, "Not today. I am refilling your prescriptions for a couple of the others." 

When they returned home we were, of course, all thrilled at White Dog's health report and the prospect of her mobility improving even more. Then Roman managed to upstage the Little White Dog of My Heart. 

In his hurry to greet WD and Steve at the door he took a shortcut. Instead of going AROUND the coffee table, he nimbly leaped OVER the stretched out Bailey and then immediately OVER Zsofia. Despite have only three useful legs, our boy can amaze with his agility. But his leaps were not what caught attention.

There was a time when such a move would not even had been considered...getting that close would have meant a vulnerability that none of the three would have been comfortable with.  Today, Roman took the most direct path without fear...and his sisters barely even lifted their heads at the air show.


May 3, 2021

White Dog says the difference between sisters sharing an afternoon daydream on a dreary damp day

and violating personal space a little too much is simply a matter of inches.


May 2, 2021

White Dog went to check on the production of dog meals for the month leaving Zsofia and I alone together on the bed.

"Momma," she said after looking around to make sure we were alone. "Can you cuddle me and tell me the story of how I came to be your Itty Bitty Baby Girl? It is my favorite story."

I draped my arm around her and curled my body against hers so I could whisper the story that always starts with "You came to us as a very special gift from the family of one of dad's students. The student was a challenge but dad helped him study and learn; his family was very grateful and you were their way of sharing something important to them as thanks. Dad got to hold you when you were just a few days old, your eyes were not even open yet, and he told you that we were waiting for you. You had nine brothers and sisters."

"Did you name me Zsofia because of where I came from?"

"Dad gave me the privilege of naming you. And yes, Zsofia means Wisdom which I thought was perfect. And the spelling honors my grandmother, one of the wisest women I ever met. And there was a little part of me who heard that Siberian Huskies can be runners and I wanted you to have a name that would make you think and not run away; I was afraid I would lose you." "NEVER! Momma! I am your Itty Bitty Baby Girl. For always."

I kissed her head just as Bailey and Opal came in to see what we were doing. "We will finish this later if you want," I told Zso. She smiled and hopped down to follow her sisters out to play chase.

May 1, 2021

White Dog asked Steve to celebrate the new month not with the traditional May pole but with "May-ple syrup on pancakes with Mayn-go and bacon" for breakfast. 

The White Dog Army waited while while listening to Hawaiian music (May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii) as Steve and his assistant, Roman, work their magic in the kitchen.  


April 30, 2021

White Dog usually takes a day or two to begin feeling the effects of the platelet-rich plasma therapy. She received her second dose on Tuesday, was a bit over-enthusiastic on Thursday, but today was stretching her legs with confidence and walking slowly but determinedly in the yard.

We are seeing much less "knuckling" behavior when she moves and there is more flexibility in the range of motion in her back legs. In her excitement of having more mobility we must still make sure she exercises caution as the therapy works its magic and must often remind Bella that her sister is not yet ready to wrestle.

In thirty days, White Dogs get a third and final treatment; she will hopefully be set to go for more than a year according to studies conducted. All of us could not be more thrilled at these results.


April 29, 2021

White Dog and most of the White Dog Army were conspiring with Steve. "Tell momma you are feeling a little yucky from the vaccine. It is true, you told us your arm hurts and you feel achey. I bet she will suggest that you not try to cook dinner. Tell her something easy but not too expensive would be good. Acknowledge that she had planned a delicious, lovely meal but you just are not sure if you feel good enough to chop and lean over the stove." "Well, what would we order out?" Steve asked them. "Easy? Cost effective? Why pizza, of course! And even though it is not her favorite she will agree and maybe order a salad for herself."

And so it was a pizza (with a momma salad) was delivered hot to the door and provided a healthy meal of spinach, Italian sausage, bell peppers, mushrooms, extra cheese and light sauce on a thin crispy crust with no fussing on Seve's part. 

"Thanks for thinking of dad, momma!" "And US!"

Watching for the pizza delivery guy



April 28, 2021

White Dog listened to the rumbling outside and asked Steve, "are you sure you want to head out in this?" Roman clung to his pant leg and Bailey was tightly lying against the door. The thunderstorm promised had finally arrived just as Steve had to leave to make the appointment to receive his second COVID vaccine. 

"Yes, I cannot miss this appointment. I just hope there is not a line outside," Steve told the WDA. "When I get back I will make popcorn and we can celebrate that I am fully vaccinated."

"What about momma?" Roman asked. "She can have popcorn, too. With lots of butter like you all enjoy best." 

"No, I mean getting vaccinated," Roman insisted. "Doesn't momma need shots?" I reached down and told him, "Remember they came to the house a while back and gave me a shot. THAT was my COVID vaccine. It was different from dad's in that it was the single dose version but after today we will BOTH be protected. And all of you are naturally safe. So popcorn to celebrate when dad gets home?"  The clap of thunder rattled the windows.

"Better get going,dad," White Dog told him. "At least you can get out to Pumpkin, if you hurry, without getting wet."


April 27, 2021

White Dog walked around and then looked at Steve. "It is like momma has an armored vehicle now," she said referring to my wheeled computer cart.

The new speakers had arrived to replace the ones that Bella disabled by chewing through the connecting cables. The fencing was Steve's attempt to protect my equipment and more important, keep Bella from accidently zapping herself.

"Impressive," Bailey said coming in to view the work. "But let me just remind you that we are White Dogs and when there is a will there is a way."

Bella poked her head out from under the chair and smiled.


April 26, 2021

White Dog was at Dr. Julia's office getting her PRP Therapy and missed the excitement of our electricity being cut down at the prime of our day. Steve's multiple computer screens in the office went blank...I was yanked midsentence from a Facebook response...the fans slowed and then stopped.

It got very quiet as we all waited for the usual two minutes then the beeping noisy roar back to life. It didn't happen.

"OMD! It is REAL! Dad get momma's backup oxygen! Momma, stay calm we are getting the tank now," Zsofia took charge. 

I was actually connected to the portable before My Itty Bitty Girl finished shouting orders; there is backup in everyroom. Opal hopped onto the bed to check the fullness of the tank and I took an oximeter reading. "Looks like we are good for a while," I reassured.

Bailey kept trying to read Steve's cell as he scrolled to find a clue as to the problem. "Seems someone knocked down a pole," they came in to report. "Several neighborhoods are listing outages. They say things should be righted by 4:30."

"Should we get the laterns out?" Roman asked. "I think we are good with hours of daylight remaining. What would be helpful is if you went out and did a quick perimeter check." He dashed out of the dog door.

Bella, too, was missing the drama. Our deaf girl was in the throes of her afternoon nap and was spared the upset of technology's loss.

"What time is it?" I asked Steve who still wears a wristwatch. "Five minutes until four." "White Dog is ready to come home. Why not gate Roman in the kitchen and secure Bella's space then go pick up Our Girl. There is nothing that can be done here."

"Yes, dad, we will take care of momma! Go bring home White Dog who is probably starving and wanting her own bed." I reached down to the shelf of my computer cart and pulled out the book I started to read and then neglected. "Yes, we will be fine. I will read this research study about dogs and love to my experts...their opinion might tell me whether to finish or not."

"Hi Army," White Dog greeted her siblings. "Dad tells me I missed a day out of the ordinary." "Yep," Roman said, "but the crisis is averted the electricity went back on about three minutes ago. What you hear is not a fanfare announcing your arrival; it is all of the devices that need resetting...like momma's oxygen generator."

I heard Bella stretch and shake her collar. She pranced into the room. "Is it treat time already?" she asked.