June 27, 2022


Lilly is a big girl. We are fairly certain that her Husky lineage is mixed with that of another large breed, maybe a Great Dane based on the squareness of her muzzle. Finding out for certain will wait until some time in the future. For now, our concern is building up a little fat to fill in her frame.

When she first joined the White Dog Army we could visibly see every single rib and to run your hand along her flank felt way too bumpy to be right. Dr. Julia concurred. "I like to keep big dogs lean," she told us, "but you need to put some weight on this girl. She is too thin."

Progress has been made in that she no longer looks like a poster child for "Feed This Dog" but the progress is painfully slow. Lilly already gets a much larger portion at mealtimes than any of the others. Her coat and skin are reflecting that she is receiving vitamins and nutriets she needs so we believe the issue is one of quantity not quality. We are also aware of the dangers of packing on weight too quickly.

"What if we added rice cooked in chicken broth to her meals...just Lilly. It would be carbs," I suggested to Steve. "Let's try that and putting her meals in a slow bowl. I don't want her wolfing down her food prompting poor digestion. I am sure she will not mind the changes."

"The hardest part is going to be adding the rice to Lilly's bowl but not in the others. No one else needs to add pounds. Zsofia is lean but she is not gaunt despite what she would say if asked. But if they notice there will be complaints," I finished the conversation. 


June 26, 2022


"Dad," Lilly said, "this is a perfect afternoon. It is not too hot. There is a pleasant breeze. Will you stay out with us for a while and watch us play chase?" 

Steve got settled in a chair. "I am going to race Lilly around the yard," Zsofia said. "the first one to put her head in your lap wins."

"Be careful not to interrupt Roman's zen time," Steve cautioned. "No worries," they replied in unison. "We asked him to be our mid-field referee. Say 'Go!' and the race will begin."


June 25, 2022


"Be sure to act surprised but I think I heard Dad opening two tins of sardines. That means special topping on tonight's dinner," Bailey said to Opal.

"And I heard momma tell him that he should use up the dibs and dabs of ice cream for dessert after," Opal shared. "I peeked when he had the freezer open and I think that means strawberry, vanilla, and pineapple-coconut."

"I hope we eat soon," Bailey smiled. "and I hope we get a taste of all the leftover ice cream flavors."


June 24, 2022


"Dad why are you harnessing Zso and I up to go for a walk? It is still daylight," Bailey asked.

"I thought you might want to meet Chaco's new sister," Steve said. "We will stay on our side of the street but you can see and talk to your Malamute boyfriend and his new Sibe sister, Kiera."

Photo opportunities quickly evaporated as Mendra was nearly pulled over by her furkids who were not content with social distancing. It took all her strength to march Chaco and Kiera back inside their front gate.

And inside our house, Roman, Lilly and Diva made it VERY clear that they were on standby should Steve need help on this side of the street.


June 23, 2022

 "Did you hear those booms, momma? The VERY loud ones that sounded like they were coming to get us/" Zsofia asked. "I told Roman he could share my crate and that you would keep us both safe."


June 22, 2022

 "Do you think it's a Sibe thing, momma?" Opal asked.

"Well, your sisters are very furry and I bet letting some air circulate is refreshing." I replied.


June 21, 2022

Our first day of Summer was rainy...not that we didn't appreciate the sorely needed moisture but it was a disappointment to anticipation of a perfect summer introduction...not too hot, but sunny with the prospects for yard games of bounce and dig followed by a barbecue and star gazing.

Our souls needed that kind of day lest Summer start out with dreariness that trap us in negativity. 

"Come on," I called the White Dog Army to gather around the computer. "Let's make it Summer in our world. Think about it hard. Name the things of Summer for me and we will make a picture of what Summer has in store for us."

Welcome to the Summer Solstice, WDA-style.

We did not have watermelon (I promised it for the weekend) but there were yummy lamb kebobs and strawberry ice cream for dessert. We even forgave the stars from hiding behind the clouds.


June 20, 2022


"Did you see the hummingbird, Dad?" Opal wanted to know when Steve came through the front door. "It was flitting around the tree branch that hangs right in front of the Watching Chair." Her words brought Zsofia and Roman to the widows. "Where?" each demanded.

Opal focused her stare into the leaves. "I am not seeing it; help me look. It has a red throat and you can't even see the little wings because they beat so fast. It is little like the size of Lilly's paw and it was just zipping all over the place."

"Wait, I see it!" Roman cried signalling to the branch that stretched over the car in our driveway. "It has a long pointy nose." "It is a beak, not a nose," Opal corrected. "Dad, take a picture."

"Sweet One that humming bird is too fast for me. Maybe momma can find one on the internet if we describe it to her."

"It is the broad tailed hummingbird," I told the White Dog Army "But did you know that here in New Mexico we have LOTS of different species? Keep watching this summer and let's see how many we get at our house."


June 19, 2022

 Dear Dad, we are the luckiest pups in the Universe to have you to worry about us, take care of us, pamper us, share our lives with us, cleanup after us...and love us. Thank you for always being there.

xo, Zsofia, Opal, Bailey, Roman, Diva, Lilly, and the Rainbow Bridge White Dog Army


June 18, 2022


Lilly takes pre-bedtime walks very seriously. Sometimes her walk partner, Diva, is not quite as focused on getting dressed and on the road. For those times, Lilly has a special "Move It Sister" song which you can hear on the video.