March 29, 2020

White Dog waited until the blur of motion stopped. "Thank you, sister! That was the most entertainment we have had in a very long time!"

She was speaking to Bella, out Tiny Dancer, who late this afternoon went into the bathroom-turned-spa-Steve. We heard water running and splashing and then a streak of white dashed down the hallway followed by Steve. "You are like greased lightning," he told her. "Who would have thought you could jump so high and right over me."

We heard quiet and gentle talk for a few minutes and then churning scampering sounds. "Oh no, you don't," came Steve's voice and then the sound of the door being shut. This made all of the White Dog Army a little nervous, especially with Bella's tiny moans coming through the door.

Soon after the dripping wet Tiny Dancer was placed squirming into my arms. I wrapped her in towels and shared my blanket to dry her and keep her warm. She collapsed against me and looked pointedly at Dad. Then she nested against my chest so that I could coo comfort and rub her dry.

 That is how she suffered through ear cleaning and nail trim; all the while uttering dramatic sighs and cries not so much in pain but rather annoyance.

Then she wanted down.


Her zoomies and dance had the entire house laughing. And then she pulled up short. "Hey, shouldn't I get a treat for this, dad?" she asked.
"Of course you do Little One. Let's go pick one out just for you." 

March 28, 2020

White Dog instinctively looked over at the jerky treat jar when Zsofia asked Steve, "Are you SURE we have enough to get through this without running out?"
Suddenly EVERY pup wanted to inventory stock.
I have been given the directive to watch our supply and reorder leaving LOTS of extra time for delivering before it becomes critical. "We do not want to be hoarders, momma," Bailey said, "but we do not want to get caught short either. It is just good planning."


March 27, 2020

White Dog was dragging a bit. She sometimes does on the days she receives her discus compositum medication. The medicine after dinner and a good night's sleep and she is good to go for the next three days.

She was sleeping soundly but I wasn't. My partner for those nights was gently snoring and healing.

I sat and stared into the darkness.

Softness brushed against my leg and I looked down.
"Momma," Opal whispered so as to not waken the others, "I will sit with you. Help me up and you can pet my furs and lean into my warmth. We can just sit quietly together until you are ready to sleep."


March 26, 2020

White Dog rushed outside with Steve. "Quick, dad, capture the sunset. It is so beautiful and fills me with hope."

"What is the old saying," I said to those remaining inside. "Red sky at night, sailor's delight. Is that it? I think it means tomorrow will be a good day."


March 25, 2020

White Dog and the rest of the Army came running when Pearl sounded the alert. "Person walking on street," she sang. "Dog on leash. Person across street getting into car."
"Are the humans six feet apart?"
"Is the dog following social distancing?"
"No one looks sick do they?
"Nobody coughed in the direction of our house?"

"The dog's human has a pop bag, right? Don't want THAT germiness left on the yard." Everyone turned to look at Bai, our resident poop gourmet.

"Did the car driver put on her seat belt?"
"Did she wipe off the door handle?"

And lastly from Tizenegy, the final arrival to the fray. "No one is carrying any bags of food that they might drop are they? We could dash out after they pass and claim them."


March 24, 2020

White Dog gently leaned against my leg. "You had to know a day like this was coming," she said. "Even though things for us are not drastically different than they have been, it is the small things that niggle which you can't put your finger on."

Everyone was edgy as the morning began. There was little tolerance of each other and lots of grumbling. We knew Roman would be hard pressed to keep his calm.

He made it until after breakfast but hit a breaking point at Tizenegy's relentless verbal assault. Steve had to pull the boys apart and Roman went, snarling, into his crate. Tiz was tethered in the office by his bed. "ENOUGH!" I commanded in the momma voice. "Everyone stand down and recalibrate. This is NOT acceptable." The White Dog Army went to separate corners to practice timeout, which in our house is a lot like social distancing.

"I get it," I told White Dog. "We are at home like always but the sounds are different. There are no street noises. No sounds of people or other pups or buses. The stillness is kind of eerie. Dad does not leave home; yes, it is great he is here but it is a change of routine. Your breakfast is not prompted by the first jets taking off from the airport; there is no air traffic. It is still light when you have dinner; daylight savings time came when it added another layer of change to things. I know you sense dad's worry about the headlines and his concerns for my health. And you hear my anger at some of the stupid things being done that will senselessly cost lives. It must rattle you all that dad and I are upset. I am not angry at either Tiz or Roman but we all must live together peaceably especially during these unsettling times.."

"Tell us this, momma. We all need to be reassured."

I gathered the White Dog Army. "I know things are way out of the ordinary in the world right now and that is why it is important that we stick together as a pack being supportive, caring and kind to each other. Please know dad and I are safe and not in danger because we are following the rules. None of you is in danger. We have enough food for both us and the WDA. You are all loved and safe. It WILL be all right." Then I went around the group giving kisses and ear rubs.


March 23, 2020

White Dog is taking sheltering in place VERY seriously.
"Little White Dog of My Heart, the governor's order does NOT mean you must be frozen to the spot you are in; she just wants everyone to stay at home and only go out for essentials like groceries, medications, food for the Army. You CAN get up and move around and even go out into the yard."

"Just trying to set a good example, momma."

"Set an example of being responsible with our resources, safely get fresh air and exercise every day, and be sure the Army stays calm during all of the crazy stuff we hear."

"I can move from my bed?"

"Yes, Baby Girl."

She dashed past me. "Good. I was wondering how I was going to manage the pottying thing."


March 22, 2020

White Dog said, "it is like a prison yard work detail. Every pup marching around the perimeter for exercise and dad doing a little yard work just to be outside and feel the breeze and sun." "If you keep up this bleak analogy, White Dog, we are going to need  blues harmonica or a Johnny Cash background music. TRY to be a bit more positive!," I told her and gave her a hug.

"All right. How about. At least the yard will not have any killer horse nettle and Bai's guilty pleasure selection will be limited." "Thanks, much better."

March 21, 2020

White Dog responded to Bella's pronouncement by jumping up on the sofa to look out at the flowering plum.

Bella came rushing in breathless from being in the yard with Steve excited and bursting to share her news.

"Mother Nature is NOT sheltering in place," Bella said. "Spring is pushing its way up and out despite the warnings. It is so beautiful."

Pearl looked over and said, "Maybe Mother Nature knows WE all are sheltering in place and she is trying to provide something to make the experience more soothing."


March 20, 2020

White Dog and the White Dog Army are still making adjustments to the new normal of Steve sheltering in place with us. His being home all day has meant a division of labor is needed for supervising. With just momma home it is a snap; the Army crowds around locking me into position at my computer and then goes to sleep. I am quiet, self maintaining, and stationary.

Dad requires a different kind of supervising. He gets up. He walks around. He steps outside...goes in the kitchen. And he is noisy with phone calls and his computer talking to him and his background music...a pup has to work MUCH harder to make sure he stays organized and on task and is safe.

The worst part of no dad "getting home" time is that there is not a natural break for changing locations to the living room and having treats. Sometimes Steve works past what would have been his "pencils down" moment to leave the office and drive home. As a result, treats have become unscheduled and sometimes even dinner is late!

The White Dog Army understands the importance of sheltering in place and is working its hardest to keep things running smoothly and on schedule. But humans are not easily trained.