October 3, 2033


"Hey. who is up next to take over watching the neighborhood, announcing intruders, and yelling at that pesky cat to get off of our property? I need a break to get a drink and to stretch."

"Diva to the rescue," she yipped in volunteer, "Thar cat stalks Lilly and me at walk time and teases us all day; I have some words for Kitty.}


October 2, 2022


"Come on, Bailey, you are holding up walks! Why do you always wait until now to go out into the yard for a potty break? That is the whole point behind bedtime walks," Zsofia impatiently sang.


October 1, 2022


The Outdoor Supervisory Team of Bailey, Roman, and Zsofia, was charged with overseeing Poop Patrol, washing down the deck, and most important, keeping Steve from overtaxing his already sore lower back muscles,

"If dad does not feel well, why don't we just skip chores?" Zsofia asked. Bailey replied, "You know how dad cam be...'things must get done.' " Roman agreed, "Momma said we must WATCH and not just ask him because he will tell you is fine even if he hurts."


September 29, 2022

"Fresh mango with vanilla ice cream, this is a real treat, dad, " Opal delightedly squealed as Lilly drooled approval.  "I have never had mango," Diva said. "It is a pretty color I hope it tastes so bright and sunny."
"There is a cookie on the bottom," Roman discovered., "And is all yummy mushy with mango juice and melted ice cream"

"I saw the cookie box; they are vanilla creams from Andy and his family...and there are LOTS of them. We are SI lucky/"


September 28, 2022


'Dad," Diva asked,,"do you think Aspen has had her baby yet? Momma told me that I was getting a little wooly and my face is showing my love of your meals. I need a grooming...but only with Aspen, she is so very nice."


September 27, 2022

"Roman is frightened," Opal told me. "The rain from earlier is gone and it was very gentle so it cannot be the cause. He won't tell me."

I looked over at him, smiled, and softly asked if I could help his sister to understand. "you are safe even from hurricanes and will never be abandoned again," I began before turning to Opal.

"It is not that he won't tell; it is fear deeply buried that he has no words to explain. Roman is an amazing survivor. You watched the news s with me this morning and saw the horrible winds and lashing nonstop rain. High water covers everything and is filled with hidden dangers. Roman lived through a hurricane in Texas.

"He lost his people and found himself in the worst of that hurricane's trauma. Sometime during his misadventure Roman's leg was broken; and no one was there to get him treatment, He had to survive using only t5hree legs...and it had to pain him. For more than seven months Roman lived in the destruction and was forced beyond familiar places.  He had to forage for food and sometimes had to fight other wild ones who tried to hurt him. 

:"Roman grew to distrust everything, even humans so it took a long time to rescue him and bring him to safety.  You remember how thin and confused he was when he joined The White Dog Army? Living through that catastrophe scarred him deep in his soul.

"Big storms remind Roman of that and watching the news of Florida's hurricane dredged up those horrible memories." I looked away from Opal to discover the entire Army gathered, listening, in the doorway.

"We all came in to rest here with Roman to let him know he is not alone and we will keep him safe," Zsofia said as they filed in.


September 27, 2022


"I love cuddling against you and just listening to the rain," Zsofia whispered. "Two of my favorites: my Itty Bitty Baby Girl and the sounds of a cleansing storm," was my response.


September 26, 2022

"If you are sad, momma we will sit with you and be sad together," my stalwart caregivers said. "But why are we sad?" 

"For no particular BIG reason but there are lots of little things and lots of things are not totally under my control," I explained, "Autumn is a melancholy time with days getting shorter and preparing the house for winter. I have spent so much time dealing with health stuff and I still struggle. The world has become so mean and hateful; I fear for the future. I am just sad, please don't fret over me. Sometimes i need to just sit and be sad until my soul refinds its voice and can sing again."

"We will sit with you until your soul can sing again, momma. And we will join your song."



September 25, 2022


Some have wondered about the absence of a Lilly mention in the Bailey Gotcha Day post. Lilly, in charge of Bailey's Gotcha Gift, had made herself sick in the task and ended up missing the celebration.

 We had just gathered and Lilly came in dragging an ordinary grocery bag which she placed at Bailey's feet. Steve recognized the bag at the same time Lilly began , "Happy Gorcha..." and then vomited. 

The WDA thought this a bonus part of the gift as humans herded everyone away from the puddle. "I fee; sick"  Lilly sang before hurling again. She left a trail of tummy distress as Steve tried to keep up with the shampooer.

"I don't know how you managed to find the stash of extra treats in the back of the closed file cabinet drawer but I DO know the bag was full.," Steve told her as he gated her in the bathroom. "I was not sure which flavor Bai would like best; I HAD to taste them," Lilly explained. "To not leave a mess in the office I even tried to chew up the packages. I need a nap; can you let me out for dinner?"


September 24, 2022


Bailey 's arrival was like that of so many other White Dog Army recruits...a beautiful collision of serendipity and a miracle; it filled a need we didn't know we had and which brought home this girl on a crooked path This was her first hour with us. in 2017:

Bailey Marie. WDA Peacekeeper. Zsofla's best friend who taught our Itty Bitty One that she was actually tall enough to countersurf. My [protector. An essential part of shaping us into what we have become.
Five years have raced by since you strolled in and wanted to know which bowl was yours. Happy Gotcha Day, my Dream Girl,

Tonight, pot roast, green beans, and mac n' cheese will fill everypup's bowl to celebrate, Steve, Roman, and Zso created a special pudding with pumpkin, gingersnaps, and coconut. Opal and Diva
have put together a soundtrack to accompany the telling of your Gotcha Story.

It is all our way of saying we love you, Miss Bailey Marie.