June 15, 2019

White Dog bowed and let Bella give an official greeting to our friend, Nancy.
"Welcome Nancy! Thanks for coming to visit us! We have missed you. And is that lunch you bring with you? Sit down. Right here by me or maybe in the chair with better back support. Can we get you a beverage? "

White Dog had moved to sit next to me. "I just always get such a thrill over our Bella-B and how much she has bloomed since those first months and months where she hid under your chair, momma, and was invisible."

Nancy looked over and nodded. "She made my day."

June 14, 2019

White Dog and I negotiated. "We can have the tacos the White Dog Army has been craving, just the way you like them with shredded cheese, crunchy shells, lettuce, guacamole and sour cream...OR the WDA can have taco meat sprinkled on your normal dinner along with a bit of cheese, the new Bark Box toys, AND get to taste the new salmon treats that came in the box. Take a vote; you all decide."

It was the end of a week where we had neglected grocery shopping and the larder was pretty low. The avocado had past its prime and the last of the tortillas had been pressed into action for lunch wraps. We COULD have tacos, but it would require a trip to the store. A compromise would use the cooked meat, pay homage to tacos and allow Steve and I to quickly defrost some leftover lentils found in the freezer for our dinner.

Steve, already in comfy slippers and at home clothes, was resigned to respect the Army's wishes. I hoped they would take the deal offered and cut a few calories from their meal.

"OK, I will add a dusting of crumbs from the cookie jar I need to refill over everything. That is my best offer. Talk it over."

The Army went out into the yard and we could hear a lively discussion. Bailey ran in at one point and went to look at the Bark Box; then she went back outside.

Finally, they all filed back in. White Dog moved to the head of the pack. "An extra five minutes for each team's bedtime walks and bone broth ice cubes in our dinner water and you've got a deal."

"Woohoo!" Steve cheered and lead everyone into the kitchen to make it so.


June 13, 2019

White Dog tried "those" eyes. "But, momma! You promised!" Bella had promised to model the special taco bib. Everyone was waiting.

It was not that the White Dog Army had been denied their normal dinner. They enjoyed that as usual. The sticking moment was human dinner. Which was supposed to be quick and easy tacos; which it was anticipated that the easy summer meal would be shared.

The heat rendered both Steve and I without appetites. And pollens made me miserably stuffy. Cilantro was not I taste I craved. We decided tacos would wait for another night.

"What are you going to eat," White Dog cried. "We can't have you and dad STARVING! You need SOMETHING!"

Steve tried to argue that both of us could skip a meal easily without damage but WD argued the diabetes card. "Thank you for considering that important factor, Little White Dog of My Heart," I told her. "How about if I tear up some greens, add a few tomatoes, peas and goat cheese. Will that soothe your concerns?"

The WDA groaned. They knew their dreams of meaty, crunchy, cheesey half circles smooshed with sour cream and guacamole had become in an eyeblink a finger lick of goat cheese...and they were not sure how understanding they were prepared to be.

White Dog took a deep breath and looked across the room at the others. She rested her head against my forehead in sympathy. "Just don't forget them, please. Maybe tomorrow?"


June 12, 2019

White Dog responded when I asked Opal what she was chewing. "Do not ask what you do not want to know, momma,"

"No really. Opal, what do you have?"

Opal made me ask her twice more while chewing as quickly as she could. WD just shook her head. Finally,
"Why NOTHING, momma!"

I met White Dog's eye and knew before Bailey struggled to her feet to go over and sniff the spot. 

"Poop, momma! She was eating poop." was the report.


June 11, 2019

White Dog, like her momma, is not a huge fan of watermelon but Steve and the rest of the White Dog Army consider it the quintessential summer meal ender. So last weekend when the market had those perfectly-sized personal orbs on sale, Steve indulged with the idea of a salad and melon dinner.

Of course dessert is special time taken outside on the easily cleanable deck. And most of the WDA...and often sticky handed Steve...need a bit of clean up after.
Meantime, White Dog and I shared a tint two-bite cheesecake under the cooling airs of the swamp cooler.


June 10, 2019

White Dog smiled at me. "Don't tell dad but he played right into my secret plan. I knew he was tired after working so hard and taking care of you, momma, that I knew it would not take much to talk him into takeout for dinner. AND I know that when you are feeling low, you love simple egg fu yung and rice."

Zsofia looked at her sister in admiration. "You are amazing! And I have SO much to learn yet. You knew if dad went to the best egg fu yung, place HE would get duck...he ALWAYS does. And he gets the whole duck so that he can share with us! You are always ahead in planning."

As Steve delivered bowls, the WDA sniffed deeply and threw a grateful look at their leader.


June 9, 2019

White Dog divided the White Dog Army into two teams this morning: Team Techno who were charged with supervising Steve and his last push to finish photos and mount the Paws To People Auction catalog up on Facebook; and Team Medic whose jobs was to stay by momma and keep her resting during her challenging health day.

Team Techno:

Team Medic:

June 8, 2019

White Dog winked at me and then turned to Bailey. "You know that new toy looks like those disgusting slimy SLUGS that all of the rain have lured onto the wall in the yard. Does it taste like that?"


June 7, 2019

White Dog and the White Dog Army waited beyond our normal bed time while I finished tasks I needed to complete. They did let me know that their patience deserved extra treats.


June 6, 2019

White Dog had to promise Zsofia she would be featured tonight in Steve's twist to nightly pre-bedtime walks in order to get the Darkest White Dog to stop voguing at every glimmer of light on the route.