February 16, 2019

White Dog said, "I love everyone helping dad pick up the sticks from the big winds we had."
"Maybe in a couple of minutes I will go check out the progress by making an "Evita' appearance on the balcony outside of the dog door."

February 15, 2019

White Dog leaned against Steve's other side. "If I had thumbs, dad, " she said, "I would take a photo of you two starting the weekend chilling together. Since even momma can't manage to take an in focus photo using your phone chances are slim that I would be able, so please make it a together selfie."


February 14, 2019

White Dog has always liked that her Gotcha Day happened on a day of people universally taking time to say "I love you."  We appreciate the serendipity of her arrival happening today; it was the perfect moment for the Little White Dog of My Heart who is the embodiment of everything good in the world to take advantage of a weather break that allowed her to fly to us from Kansas those fourteen years ago.
The intervening years has brought changes and directions none of us imagined on that day. And we have become wiser, with bigger hearts, now bear a few scars, but have grown to an Army of love and family to welcome this morning at the first light of day with treats and a song of celebration to begin a Gotcha Day Anniversary that hardly comes near enough to holding all the wishes we have for her.

From Dad, momma, Bella, Zsofia, Pearl, Opal, Bailey, Tizenegy, Roman and all of your siblings that you took in and have gone beyond,

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY, SIKU MARIE! The world is better because you are in it...and in our lives! We love you beyond words.


February 13, 2018

White Dog has shared and influenced an amazing amount of time with us; her accomplishments (as of tomorrow) will span fourteen years and just shy of five thousand posts. While the White Dog Army puts the finishing touches on her celebration tomorrow, we invite you to take this little quiz about The Little White Dog of Our Heart. It should be easy if you have followed us; WD has lived her life on these pages. We will post answers on her Gotcha Day Post.

1. What is White Dog's name?
2. How much did she weigh when White Dog first came to us?
3. In what Shakespearean play did WD have a blockbuster, although short-lived, role?
4. What was the name of WD's first sibling, co-founder of the White Dog Army?
5. How many siblings in total has White Dog had to date? Include those now Over the Rainbow Bridge.
6. What is White Dog's favorite meat?
7. Her favorite ice cream (paletta)?
8. What sport did White Dog participate in as a young girl?
9. Name a place White Dog has visited.
10. What position does White Dog hold in the White Dog pack?

Now, think of the jeopardy theme song, get your pencils out, and go! We will be frosting cupcakes and putting together music.


February 12, 2019

White Dog was sitting with me in the office instead of napping like she usually is this time of day. She was not happy having to play "Don't Make Me Come Over There" to her brothers but both Tizenegy and Roman were having testy days. The entire pack was tired of hearing them posture and act tough.

"Do you think it is boyz of EVERY species," she asked me, "because human males, not dad of course, are even a million times more irritating and don't seem to know when the studly macho warrior stuff gets old. I can barely stand watching the news with you"

"My experiences," I told her, "have led me to think that boy games and encounters as they age lead them to think that looking big and tough and mean is admirable. That is for humans and many other species. I think females can have bad days and bad attitudes but we seem to have a built in understanding of the value of cooperation and know kindness is not being weak. Of course, I am way overgeneralizing but with THOSE two, I think you see my point."

WD nodded, "both come with baggage from backgrounds where being the biggest jerk may have meant YOU got to eat...or not been attacked. But I get impatient that they get into these funks where they seem to forget that is not their reality any more."

She would have said more but we both heard Roman's deep bully growl in the bedroom and she headed off to intervene while I called him to my side for timeout.


February 11, 2019

White Dog is wise and calm, there is no arguing that, but The Little White Dog of My Heart also has a deep stubborn streak. Part of that determinedness comes from her breed, American Eskimo, but the bigger part has been, I fear, exposure to her momma's own "dig in" tendencies. I understand her sometimes willingness to draw a line in the sand that leaves her without but proves a point.

Tonight Steve prepared the usual nutritious White Dog Army dinners which include homemade portions mixed with kibble. White Dog always get a bit extra fresh turkey cut over the top of her bowl. THIS evening she got that and, along with all of the White Dogs, a tiny sprinkling of pork that we shredded to make our pulled pork barbecue.

NEVER believe anyone who says dogs do not sort their food. White Dog carefully picked out the pork, ate the turkey, and sipped the bone broth...but she left the majority of her food untouched. She made it very clear that she was saving room for the bbq sauced meat that dad was having.

"You still have not finished your dinner," Steve told her. She moved to the other end of the couch. "I have nothing to share." She sat next to him and stared at his plate. "The sauce is not good for you, here, finish your dinner." She tapped him on his leg as though he might not understand. Then she gave him her most endearing "look." I could feel Steve struggling from across the room.

"You may be queen, dear one," I told her, "but you are not getting anything from anyone's plate." She jumped down to come and sit in front of me. "Nope, you have a wonderful meal in your bowl. It is that or nothing. And you will be hungry later."

White Dog looked at me and flashed her eyes defiantly. "Nope." She hopped back up next to Steve who tried to handfeed her from her bowl. "Momma said you must eat YOUR dinner, please?"

WD sniffed his fingers, glared at me, hopped off of the sofa and went off to pout in her bed.

Very softly so he would not be heard, Steve asked, "Does the ban include bedtime treats?"


February 10, 2019

White Dog is generally above standing with the Army at the kitchen gate begging to be let in to supervise and sample test, but tonight we were slowly stewing a rich lamb curry...and lamb is one of her most favorite foods. Well, actually, EVERYPUP'S favorite.

Febrauary 9, 2019

White Dog commented on Roman's enthusiasm when working with Steve. "He really does focus and works hard to follow what dad asks and he does not seem to mind have to practice again and again." I agreed and added, "If you look back to at first when he got here until now, you see the strides he has made. And that is the result of practicing over and over ."

We both returned to looking out of the window into the yard. "Bravo, Roman!"


February 8, 2019

White Dog laughed. "YoYoMa would have love this! I call it How Do You Energize a Sibe?"
Answer: Plug her into the recharge station, of course!

February 7, 2019

White Dog heard the cough and went rushing out to sit next to Steve on the sofa. "Let me sniff your eyeballs," she told him. "I think SOME dad is getting the sickies."

He was sick but when he went to urgent care, they dismissed his congestion as asthma issues and ordered him to increase use of his inhaler. He tried to tell them they were wrong but came home from work feeling very flu-ridden and hacking...and frustrated. 

The White Dog Army nurses went to work. WD ordered water to be put on for tea while Roman led Steve in to the bathroom to gargle with salt water. Zsofia pulled out a sweatshirt and Bailey put the quilt on the sofa. "Bundle up, dad," Bella bossed. "You need to sweat and be warm."
Tizenegy suggested honey stirred into the tea to ease the throat. Pearl jumped up and felt Steve's forehead. "Dad, you are running a fever. You need aspirin."
Opal, my protector above all, pushed me away when I bent to kiss Steve. "Momma, you cannot afford to get whatever this is. You are still recovering yourself. Keep a distance." "Baby Girl, it is going to be hard to avoid contact with dad but I will wash my hands a lot and will turn away when he coughs. I won't share cups or be reckless but we ARE all in the same house. Maybe we should send dad BACK to UC and let him hack germs all over THEM."