October 15, 2021

White Dog laughed at the treat time mad rush. "Everyone know it's Fish Friday and no pup wants to end up with a small piece."

Fridays are the day the HUGE package of dried cod skin comes down from on top of the refrigerator with its promise of crunchy, stinky, healthy snacking.

One thing puzzles the White Dog Army, however. The skins come out of the bag looking like this:
But for some reason Dad chops them up into teeny little slivers like this:
AND each pup only gets TWO miniscule nibbles.
Although there is lots of grumbling about stingy portions, no pup refuses what is offered. (Yes, Zsofia is here, sitting so close that she is not in lens range).


October 14, 2021

White Dog snuggled deeper into the blankets. "I don't have the heart to tell her that in another hour or so it will be sixty degrees."

This was in response to Bailey zooming past the bed to tell her sister Zsofia that in the far shady corner of the yard, we had FROST!

"Frost, momma! Frost, Zso! Come out and play with me! Winter will soon be here."


October 13, 2021

White Dog said, "I have my bib on and am ready for dinner. I don't know if it is the colder weather or earlier darkness but I am sure hungry."

I snuggled my check against her. "Tizenegy's bib is just perfect to keep those white furs clean. You will be happy to know that we still have some of the blueberry cheesecake flavor ice cream for dessert."

White Dog wiggled in anticipation as Steve came in with her food bowl and the pipette; this is a signal for the others (who have already finished dinner) to gather round and countdown until shared ice cream time.


October 12, 2021

White Dog agreed with Steve, "Who can reist that face and such a simple request?"

"All right," he told Zsofia, "I will give you a tummy rub but a quick one; it is time to start making dinner."
"She wants it ALL," I laughed. "Focused attention AND dinner on time. You can manage that, right, Dad?"


October 11, 2021

White Dog looked at the photo Steve had just taken. "It looks like Roman has created an abstract painting of our tree where the window used to be," she said. "It is kind of a different side of Our Boy." 

Opal glanced over from across the room. "He could be Little Miss Muffet with momma's spider coming down to sit beside him."

I tried not to sound too concerned when I shared, "I hope nothing goes by the house that puts Roman in cujo mode and he goes through the window. I don't want a 'where the window used to be' moment.  Normally, he is in the OTHER chair; the one with the babygate  across it."

Steve got up. "Let's close the blinds. It is nearly dark anyway and Roman can come help me in the kitchen."


October 10, 2021

White Dog's new favorite ritual involves snuggling in bed with Steve and I, watching a bit of telly, and nibbling bits of lemon crisp cookies from my fingers. It did not take long for the Sibe sisters to come calling bedside to check out the party. In the interest of being sisterly, White Dog requested another cookie be brought in and split between Zsofia and Bailey. Roman gets extra treats when he is locked in his kennel during tv time, so he just curls up and ignores us all. Opal usually sleeps in the hallway while the bedroom lights are still lit and I thought she was unaware of the lemon cookies...yesterday, I glanced over and saw her watching. "Sure, Opal, we have a sixth of a cookie for you!" She was delighted!

We finished cookies and an episode of Modern Love.  (White Dog prefers half hour shows; they are just long enough to lull her to near sleep). Carried WD to her bed then turned off the lights.

Sometime later, I was startled awake by a cold nose in my armpit. Opal had her head under the blankets and was snoofling along my body. I sat up to make sure she was OK and felt the stab of something under my leg. Reaching under I discovered a bit of cookie WD must have dropped.

"Is this what couldn't wait for morning?" I asked Opal in a whisper so as not to wake anyone else. She wrapped her lips around my fingers in the dark and gently took the crumb. She returned to her place across from me at the door and closed her eyes.

Of course I spent the next ten minutes feeling for other crumbs and trying to get back in sleep mode.


October 9, 2021

White Dog was in the office with Steve trying to figure out why the shaver was not working. They had replaced batteries, opened up and cleaned every part accessible, and had tapped the device against the edge of the desk. It just would not turn on and hum.

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, an impromptu celebration was taking shape. "Whew, that was a close one, momma!" "I thought for a minute you were going to be shorn like a sheep!" "Don't change, momma, I love you like you are!"

"My loves," I told them, "the haircut is MUCH needed. I thought I had spiders on my ears the other day and it was just my long hair tickling me in the fan breeze. I am ready to shave it off but apparently the shaver is having doubts."

Steve walked in. "Haircut Day has been rescheduled. I cannot figure out what the problem is. I ordered a new one. As soon as it arrives we will buzz you; worst case if I can get our old one working, is that we will have a backup."

"Yeay, momma, you've been saved! Let's celebrate with treats," said Roman poking his face in through the dog door (he had been hiding safely in the back of the yard).


October 8, 2021

White Dog said, "Roman surely thinks fast on his feet."

He was in the kitchen trying to prevent Steve from cleaning up vomit with the argument, "But Dad, wolves, cows and birds all regurgitate their food. So does the anaconda and the jackal. It makes the meal more digestible and is, consequently, healthier." Steve was having none of it and sent Roman out to us.

I held up a hand. "Don't even start. Five minutes on Wikipedia does NOT make you an expert. I happen to know that when your 'meal' consists of mat fibers shredded from the mat that your body vomits to tell you that your menu choice was a bad one. Maybe in a little while you can try some white rice and chicken broth. In the meantime check your treat fund to see if you can afford to replace the ottoman cover."


October 7, 2021

White Dog credits the White Dog Army with her on-going success in rebuilding stamina. Strapped into her special cart, she has worked her way up to nearly fifteen minutes of being vertical, gently supporting weight on her front legs, and holding her neck erect. 

Every other day she faces the afternoon circulation and muscle improving exercise with determination... and the unwavering support of every single member of our family. And when she begins to show strain at the exertion and is released into my arms, we all cheer "Brava" and gather around to share treats.


October 6, 2021

White Dog sent Steve in to refill my water glass with the reminder to "stay extra hydrated." Opal came charging in to tell me Nurse Lydnzy had arrived and that I should put on my mask. Roman's greeting from the kitchen created a "hello" detour which gave Zsofia and Bailey time to get into supeervisory positions next to me on the bed.

I rolled up my sleeve. It was blood draw day! Lyndzy opened up her bag and drew out all the paraphanalia she wold need. She is very skilled and her extraction is painless but still, like her momma, Zso closes her eyes while the blood is drawn. 

"There, all done," Lyndzy said and sat down to record the lab orders and switch gears to do her usual check up visit. "Wait, shouldn't we all have a round of treats to celebrate how smoothly it went?" Bai wanted to know.