February 4, 2023

"Well, dad, since we haven't had ANY snow this year, at least we could enjoy a 60° day meandering in the back yard today." Zsofia declared. "I think our guests Olive, Shayna and Hazel are enjoying the beautiful weather, too."



February 3, 2023

February 3, 2018

Happy 5th Gotcha Day, Roman. We promised you a safe home for the rest of your life. You're my boy and I love you.



February 2, 2023


Benson sitting in the Momma chair

Today is our dearly departed Benson's gotcha day. After flying into the airport in 2016, Benson walked into the house and immediately made friends with all the other members of the White Dog Army. He was gentle, sweet and kind. Of all the white dogs here in the house, only Zsofia and Opal will remember him. I say "Hi" to him every night as I do to all the members of the White Dog Army who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Benson Gotcha Day 2016


January 31, 2023


"Hazel decided that, after we awaken in the morning, the best place to wait for breakfast is on the bed soaking in the early morning sun streaming from the three windows in the bedroom." Lilly commented. "I thnk she has a great idea, so I think I'll join her."


January 30, 2023

I think we're settling in just fine! I'm working from home this week to ensure domestic harmony, but there have been absolutely no issues with our three gentle visitors.

The only challenge so far has been my difficulty getting out of bed since Olive, Shayna and Hazel have decided that sleeping pressed up against me provides comfort for each of them. Olive sleeps on the pillow next to me, Shayna sleeps to my right and Hazel sleeps to my left. Zsofia fills the remaining space at the end of the bed. Whew!



January 29, 2023

Nine food dishes for feeding fun. Everyone is surprisingly cooperative while food distribution takes place. Then it's time for after breakfast naps.


January 28, 2024

Here's the big reveal! 

Our dear friend Deb had a knee replacement, but there were complications from the surgery. She was boarding her dogs in a lovely facility, but the expense was rising due to her extended stay in the hospital. 

Deb's the three babies are now residing with the White Dog Army until Deb can once again go home and enjoy her babies. Here are photos of their pick-up and meet-and-greet. My dear friend Colette helped me with everything. 

The coon hound's name is Hazel. The Sharpei is Shayna and the adorable Chihuahua mix is Olive. They'll be with us for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned!

Hazel in the foreground and Shayna on the back seat


Hazel meets the WDA

Colette is in love with Olive

Olive found a safe space on the back of the Momma Chair

Hazel likes laying by the front door


January 27, 2023

 "So, dad, we have yet another unknown pup in tonight's blog. Now, really, what's the story? You're starting to concern us." whimpered each and every member of the White Dog Army. "Ah, kids, tomorrow is the big reveal. You'll just have to wait one more day."


January 26, 2023

Thursday Mystery     

 "Um, dad, why is there a photo in the blog of a little dog who isn't a member of the White Dog Army?" said Opal, Zsofia, Bailey, Roman, Diva and Lilly in unison. "What are you trying to tell us?"