November 17, 2019

White Dog has never had a problem expressing herself. She does not hide behind coyness or convention; she is a Queen, after all. Taste buds shaped by having a classically-trained chef as a pup has left her with a finely honed palate.

And I know that.

It was that I was having toast and cheddar for breakfast when she came in and asked to share. I told her my plate and hoped for acceptance that it was all I had. The toasted English muffin with butter...acceptable. But this was the look I got when I dared to extend fingers holding cheddar.
"I feel like I am living the Please, Sir scene in Oliver Twist only it is, Please Momma can I have some real cheese," I shared with Steve. He offered no sympathy. "You know how she feels, what were you thinking even offering?"

November 16, 2019

White Dog said, "I think Bella stayed whiter in those days when she lived with the dust bunnies under the Momma Chair than she does since she decided to run with the Sibe Sisters."
I looked at my Tiny Dancer. "Didn't you just get a bath last week, Little One?" She laughed and ran out after Zsofia.


November 15, 2019

White Dog sniffed the air. "Score!" she announced to the rest of the White Dog Army and they came running.
"SHRIMP night!"


November 14, 2019

White Dog paused on her way through the dog door and shook her head.

For some reason Zsofia's bed has, this past week, become a trophy of possession. Opal, Roman, Bella, and Bailey have made it a game to take over the suite (the biggest of all in the White Dog Army) and to claim it as "theirs" by sprawling and stretching to fill the space.

Another pup can claim co-ownership by squeezing into any space open on the mattress. Then, it becomes a game of pushing and seizing real estate inches until the cohabitant leaves.

White Dog stopped to admire Bailey's ingenuity. It has long been Opal's habit to drag toys into the crate for a private play and chew session. Bailey took a page from her book to use the largest stuffie, not as a plaything but as a barricade.
Zsofia does not mind during the day, this odd sharing, but she looks at Steve with pleading eyes to clear the others out at bedtime.


November 13, 2019

White Dog said, "sometimes it just takes one look to know Roman is at peace with the world. No guarantees or promises but for RIGHT now, all is good."

Here's to more moments like this.

November 12, 2019

White Dog barely squeezes into the bedroom that is packed with White Dog Army spectators. She jokes that Steve should install bleachers to hold the crowd. Steve worries that enough room be left for the main event to happen safely.

The momma's physical therapy has reached the point where we are seeing actual progress. My legs are stronger; the water retention way down; and the exercises are increasingly more demanding. I am surrounded by love and support; all have learned that part of that love means giving me space to DO what I must. That crowding in to "help" is actually not help. I know in my heart that if asked every one of the WDA, including 12lb. Bella, would carry me but that is not really what any of us needs.

It was a little daunting at first, nine pairs of eyes staring intently at me as I grabbed the handles of the walker and stood. I felt everyone in the room counting seconds with me...twenty-nine...thirty! Before sitting back down.

The other day in a moment of daring I counted my 30 standing seconds and went right into 30 marching steps while holding on. There was a gasp of amazement. When I re-sat, Bella could not resist running over to check my breathing. Tails wagged.

I have a long way to go before I can get to the living room on these still wobbly legs but today I made three steps in a row to where the wheelchair waited (a new one that fits through doorways). Steve held up his hand to stop the blizzard as I got up and walked the three steps again back to the bed.

THEN the joyful smothering could not be contained. Steve knew what to do...he brought in the duck jerky and cued "The Rocky Theme" on is cell phone.

For the first time in a LONG time, I feel we are on the Road to Recovery.


November 11, 2019

White Dog says the front porch is like a rail station during pre-bed walks. Teams are lining up to go out. The following group is milling in the front room impatient for their turn. And the final group cries that they are going to be forgotten. The house is filled with excited barking, songs demanding "my turn," and howls of family being separated. And then there is the mix of returning dogs and heading out dogs...and White Dogs who would really like to go on walks with ALL of the teams.

"Like a flash mob of power walkers all converging on a single point...Steve" that is how White Dog describes each night's routine.
Pearl walks as part of Team One. She is ALWAYS ready on time!

The pulse beings to quicken within the pack at 10pm and pacing begins at 10:05. If Steve is later than 10:15 with putting on Bella's harness, he is followed by every other member of Team One who stand touching him as they make odd little monkey noises to hurry him.

Once Team One exits the building, as the door is closed, Team Two begins a howling jig at the doorway and begs the cosmos to PLEASE hurry them home!

Often Steve is not even given the chance to remove all of the harnesses before Team Two overruns the porch and demands leashes. While Team Two walks, Team One starts the impatient dance for post walk treats and Team Three performs an operatic death scene based on dying from neglect.

The last team returns to fill in the Army's holes in the line surging in the office near the treat jar. Steve is winded, the WDA happy, and we can prepare to actually go to bed.


November 10, 2019

White Dog pawed my leg, "Don't rush to transfer back to bed," she told me. "Dad has to take care of the infestation first."

I looked alarmed. "Did you see bugs?" I asked squinting and leaning forward to see the bed better.

"Not bed bugs," WD took a serious tone. "Worse. You have Bed DOGS!" Pearl giggled in the hallway and Opal rushed to my side to protect me.
"Haha, very funny, sister," Zso sang. "YoYoMa would be proud.

November 9, 2019

White Dog said, "I totally understand. Spa Day makes me sleepy, too. Baths, nail trims, brushing, trimming, and ear cleaning is exhausting stuff."
"But Bella and Opal just sparkle now and their furs as so soft." I replied. "And this time Opal did not run from the tub to the yard to roll in the dirt," White Dog giggled.


November 8, 2019

White Dog nodded toward where her sister was lying in the doorway. "She gets a bit of a bad rap, you know. Yes, she is the one who gets into everything and yeas, she is beyond redemption with her counter-surfing but Bailey is the Queen of Serene. She never overreacts to anyone, keeps her cool. If you really make her mad, she just gets up and walks away. Every on of us knows it, too. Roman did not even slow down just now when he hopped across her just inches from her face and you know how super nervous he can be about getting close."

I nodded. "Bai did not even move a muscle until he was halfway across the room then she lifted her head and shifted."
"We must not let her know we are complimenting her," White Dog said as our blue-eyed girl stretched and got to her feet. I ignored the advice and cupped Bailey's head in my hands. "You are my beautiful girl," I told her and kissed her forehead.