December 1, 2022


It's December, and no one asked if we were ready.

After dinner, the White Dog Army likes to relax and take pre-walk naps while I get a little more work time in. When it's time to wrap up work for the evening, everyone stretches, yawns, and gradually comes back to wakefulness. Roman prefers to sleep by the entrance to the kitchen, which can become a little congested as multiple dogs start to gather in that spot. 

On a normal day, Roman acts rather cross toward Lilly when she presses near him, but tonight, the two of them were gentle with each other as they meandered together. Perhaps it was Momma telling them to mind their manners. I still don't trust them together without supervision, but it was a welcome sight to see Lilly and Roman being congenial. 

Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold.

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