December 5, 2022

Diva asked me as we were walking out the door together, "Dad, why am I going for a walk by myself? I usually walk with Lilly. Also, we normally go for a walk at night, not when you go to work!" "Ah, my little munchkin, it has come time for you to get groomed. You're quite shaggy. Your groomer, Aspen, has been on maternity leave since your last grooming appointment in August, so we waited until she was back at work. Let's go for a ride together." I dropped Diva at the groomer and went to work as usual. When I picked her up around noon, she was absolutely beautiful again.

Before we entered the freeway, Diva enjoyed a little window down and sunroof open time since it was a perfect afternoon (the morning was actually foggy in Albuquerque, a real rarity). She daintily sniffed out the window without extending her head beyond the glass. She's a safety-first kind of girl. Soon, the busy morning took its toll, and she laid down on the seat to rest.

By the time we arrived home, Diva was exhausted. She meandered to her bed and fell fast asleep.


December 4, 2022

"It's time for a relaxing Sunday, dad," coaxed Zsofia. "We've had a long week behind us, and we need to prepare for the coming week." "Sounds good to me, kids," I replied.


December 3, 2022

Um, dad, how did this happen?

As I walked in the door there erupted a chorus of "Dad, I didn't do it!" "It wasn't me!". I gently greeted the group with "Thanks, Diva, Roman, Zsofia and Lilly. Exactly what didn't you do?" Everyone went silent. I meandered through the house in an attempt to discover why everyone was so distressed. In the office, there was an empty box that had once held a laptop, which was being saved for a reason no longer remembered, along with Bailey gently chewing something. 

"Bailey," I quietly asked, "what's wrong?" "Oh, dad, I just couldn't help myself. I'm still feeling tired and angry and sad. It's a rainy day, and they always make me downcast. There was this old box, and it just needed to be shredded." "That's okay, sweet girl. that box wasn't needed anymore, and you can shred it up. Would it be okay if I joined you? Into each life some rain must fall." "Sure, dad. Maybe it will make you feel better, too."

My Baby girl



December 2, 2022


My Greeters

Friedrich Nietzsche said that, "If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how." I continue to struggle with the "how" of my life, but when I arrive home to the greetings in the window, I am reminded of my "why". 

I am greatful that my home is never empty. There may be no one to talk to me, but there are six lovely members of the White Dog Army who are thrilled when I walk in the front door and when I give them as much love as I have inside me. Each of my companions fill my soul with yips and woos and sometimes growls (I'm thinking of you, Roman). Thank you, Sue, for leaving me with Opal, Zsofia, Bailey, Roman, Diva and Lilly. And thanks to you, dear reader who, along with the White Dog Army, form my "why".


December 1, 2022


It's December, and no one asked if we were ready.

After dinner, the White Dog Army likes to relax and take pre-walk naps while I get a little more work time in. When it's time to wrap up work for the evening, everyone stretches, yawns, and gradually comes back to wakefulness. Roman prefers to sleep by the entrance to the kitchen, which can become a little congested as multiple dogs start to gather in that spot. 

On a normal day, Roman acts rather cross toward Lilly when she presses near him, but tonight, the two of them were gentle with each other as they meandered together. Perhaps it was Momma telling them to mind their manners. I still don't trust them together without supervision, but it was a welcome sight to see Lilly and Roman being congenial. 

Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold.


November 30, 2022

As we were preparing to start our evening walks, Lilly asked, "November was a really sad month for us, dad. I saw a roadrunner today, and I didn't even feel like wooing at her. Will we ever start to feel better?"

"Ah dear Lilly," I sighed, "the days are short and the nights are long. Even the roadrunners go to bed early. We need to hold each other tight and take comfort in each other's arms. Let's finish walks, have some delicious bedtime treats, and cuddle together. We can remember all the happy times we spent with Momma. That will make us feel better." 

Dearest Sue, your heart is made of stars, and you will shine on us forever. Your grace will light up our lives and you will dance your twinkling feet to celestial music.



November 29, 2022


Bailey awakened from a nap when I returned from work and asked, "Dad, I saw you looking through old photo albums of Momma last night. What was that one photo with a nice lady where Momma was wearing a silver gown?"

Well, Bailey, when we moved to Albuquerque from Chicago, we took photos of everyone we wanted to remember. That particular photo was taken at the hair salon with Janice, the hair stylist who cut Momma's and Dad's hair for twenty years. We used to walk down to the salon in our old neighborhood and get our hair cut together. Janice became a friend through the years we visited the salon. 

It makes me feel less lonely to see Momma smiling and happy. I like to think that Momma looks like that now as she watches over us. "I feel Momma around us all the time, and she DOES look like that," Bailey sang in her best husky woos. "I feel Momma too, sweet girl," I replied.

Janice and Sue in 1998


November 28, 2022


"Dad, why are you spending so much time at the computer tonight? I'm bored. I enjoyed dinner, but now there's nothing to do." Oh, my little Opal, I must take over Momma's job of creating the Paws To People newsletter. Momma created 110 newsletters, and now it's my turn. Next month, we'll have Momma's good friend Jenna to help us, but this month, I'm the editor.

"Okay, dad, I guess that's a good reason," sighed Opal. "Just let us know when it's walk time. I don't go on walks, but I need to supervise the walkers."


November 27, 2022


"Hey, dad, it's kinda nice having Momma's sister Theresa stay over tonight. She reminds me a lot of Momma. Can she stay a little longer?" "Dear Zsofia and Diva, Theresa must return home tomorrow. She has her own family that she needs to take care of," I said ruefully.
"Still, we've enjoyed having her stay here, even if it's only for one day." Roman interjected. "I know she's a little scared of me with my muzzle, but I still like having her stay in the house." "I know it can be a little lonely here at home with only me, especially when I go to work. Remember that I'll only be gone for a short time and then I'll work the rest of the day at home," I added. "Who's ready to eat dinner?" All the White Dog Army came to attention at the mention of the evening meal.


November 26, 2022


Today, we spent the day relaxing after I ran a few errands. The neighborhood was rather quiet, except for the occasional cat running across the yard and a few dogs being walked by their human companions. I was in the office working when Roman called from the living room, "Dad! Come quick. It's an emergency!"

I  entered the living room rapidly and asked Roman what was happening. "Dad, we received a package! You should go out on the front porch and get it before that cat steals it." "Okay, Roman, I'm heading out now to retrieve the mail." When I returned, everyone gathered around to watch me open it. "Oh, my," I exclaimed when I removed the item from the package. Look at this! Inside was the most adorable Christmas stocking with Lilly's name on it. 
Lilly's stocking on the mantle

"Dad, isn't this the cutest stocking?" Lilly said lovingly, "This is such a nice gift for me! Who was so kind?" "Momma's friend Lisa sent it for you because she loves the White Dog Army and she wants you to have your own stocking to hang on the mantle. You're the newest member of the WDA, so you can now officially have a stuffed stocking!" I explained. Lilly beamed with pride.