May 14, 2009

White Dog ran and grabbed red ball the minute Steve pulled in the drive. She greeted him by dropping the ball at his feet and wagging a "Let's Play" invite. When he tossed the ball in the house, White Dog retrieved it, came back to him and then carried ball outside. She came back in (still holding ball) and followed Steve while he changed clothes. FINALLY they headed out to the yard, red ball in tow. Less than a minute later White Dog came flying into the living room and ball followed! Steve said White Dog fetched the ball twice before bringing it up to the door and indicating that she was through. A case of over anticipation killing the urge?


Hansel said...

isis only plays fetch for so long, and most of the time it's more of, throw the ball, i'll get it, then you chase me, k?

Scottie the 'cutie' said...

You are so cute playing fetch for that long! I wouldn't last 5 minutes playing fetch..and most of the time, I don't bring back the ball once I've got it. Heh!