May 20, 2009

White Dog was as excited as I was to receive the watercolor magnet that Casper D Dog's mom painted for Gypsy's Auction (Gypsy is an Eskie with a blood platelets disorder and resulting gigantic vet bills). We were delighted and surprised to discover an "extra"--a handy tote bag which bears the logo of Casper and Caboodle, the website where Casper's mom markets her wonderful art in the form of t-shirts and more. It is a GREAT place to shop for gifts! White Dog has already claimed the bag to hold her collapsible bowl, a bottled water, and her favorite stuffies (Moe and Mousie)for when we travel locally in my wheelchair. Thanks Casper and mom...we hope Gypsy's auction was a huge success!


Casper said...

Hi Siku!
So glad you like the magnet and the bag. Good to know that it will come in handy for your local trips. Mommie has a bag for me too to put my bowl, water, snacks and poopoo bags. Thanks for helping out Gypsy. The auction was a great success! We are very happy at the turnout of support for Gypsy. Thanks too for the CasperNCaboodle endorsement. :D

K and S said...

How nice! Siku - the kindness of others is a reflection of your soul!

Hansel said...

Hope you get lots of use out of the magnet!