May 22, 2009

White Dog always politely asks for and accepts vegetables when I am preparing them for a meal--broccoli, stringed beans, especially asparagus--she graciously takes what is offered, carries it into the living room, gnaws it a bit, then leaves it on the carpet. Steve has been trying to munch on healthier snacks and has become somewhat of a mini carrot nut. "Watch this," he said, eating half and giving the rest to White Dog. "She'll just leave it mangled on the rug," I said. Darn it if that fluffy little daddy's girl didn't crunch down the carrot...and then sat next to him sharing half a dozen more! "Watch this," I said, grabbing a carrot and repeating Steve's actions giving White Dog half. She promptly dropped it and walked away.


K and S said...

Right, because it wasn't Daddy's carrot, Mom!


Isis said...

hahahahhahahaha! I won't take food from anyone but mom and dad. I spit food out that sister gives me, or turn my nose up at her. Then i walk to mom and DEMAND that she gives it to me instead.