May 24, 2009

White Dog put on her Superhero sidekick cape and hopped into the car next to Steve. There was computer trouble at the office and Steve's boss was there, alone, in a panic! (Yes, it WAS Sunday afternoon. Yes, it WAS a holiday weekend). White Dog rushed past Steve to Van's side where she immediately began emergency procedures..."Play with the charming puppy"..."Rub my belly"..."Pet me"..."Laugh at my antics and calm down." While she kept the big guy busy Steve was able to get his access to the intranet capability restored. Disaster averted! White Dog and Steve returned home and hung up their capes.


Life With Dogs said...

Nice work Superdog ;)

Comet and BLU said...

Yeah White Dog to the Rescue!!

We hope you don't stay by the door waiting for the mailman. Our girl promises she is going to send the toys tomorrow after work, but she's been very forgetful lately.

Teddy Bear said...

What a great adventure! I am so glad that you were able to help your Daddy's boss.:)

Teddy Bear

K and S said...

Good Job, White Dog! You ARE a superhero, and a very important part of Dad's crisis intervention team! I think you earned a few extra "trades" with your hard work!!!

Isis said...

I WANT A CAPE! that must've been so fun! i can't go to dad's work because it's in the big bad city and well, i don't think they'd be very nice to me there.