May 26, 2009

White Dog enjoyed the sushi feast that Gregg and Candace brought over to celebrate Steve's name change (they were travelling on the actual day). She thought that they were especially kind to bring panko crusted chicken only for her because it had no wasabi! It had been a grueling holiday weekend road trip for them as they drove back to the Midwest to visit Gregg's ailing dad. Poor Dragon was so glad to be home that even the opportunity to visit White Dog could not entice him back into the car. We had a pleasant evening celebrating Steve, their safe return, and the incredible blessing of true friendship. As they Left, Gregg was thrilled to be engulfed in a sudden cloudburst. "The garden will be SO happy," he cooed face turned up to the rain. White Dog shook off the water and headed for dry cover.


Teddy Bear said...

What a wonderful time with visitors.:) Yummy, I bet the panko encrusted chicken breat was delicious!

Teddy Bear

K and S said...

Great friends bring not only good food, but a special joy! Good for you!

Isis said...

i HATE going out in the rain. i would've ran too.