May 29, 2009

White Dog and I napped together in the big chair, breezes from the open door washing over us, tummies full from lunch. We must have been out pretty soundly because we both were jolted to wakefulness when Milo, the iguana, jumped up on the other arm of the chair to join us! The poor thing was as startled as we were...she had merely been out for a stroll and stopped by to say "hi"; she did not expect my gasp or White Dog's "red alert" barking reaction.


Teddy Bear said...

I bet everyone was scared! Siku, do you play nicely with Milo?

Teddy Bear

K and S said...

Maybe Milo was so intrigued by how comfortable you and mom were that he thought maybe he could join you both for an afternoon siesta??

We LOVED the video of you with your new toy, Siku, but couldn't figure out how to leave a comment with it. The videographer did a great job with the music! You must have been tired from having to hop up and down on the sofa so many times!!!