June 12, 2009

White Dog told Tortuga the good news: Dr. Julia has OK'd his release from indoor rehab; he could return to his outdoor pen! The way the tortoise stretched his neck and stood up on his front toes made us think that he actually understood her! White Dog and Steve gently carried the still healing Tortuga to his home and placed him in his exercise yard. White Dog watched over him while Steve went back inside to make up a bowl of food. When Steve placed the bowl in the pen, White Dog was pleased and surprised at how quickly he beelined to it and began to eat....yeah! Finally it seems the shelled guy is truly on the road to recovery.


Hana said...

We're so very glad Tortunga is getting better! Do you ever eat crickets, Siku?

K and S said...

EXCELLENT!!! Good job, nurse Siku! Tortuga is very lucky to have such a caring guardian.