June 16, 2009

White Dog excitedly sat in front of Steve as he opened her official "Taster" bag.
dwb'ers at Dugan's Barkery have embarked upon creating a line of allergy-free dog treats and have asked White Dog to sample and comment on their developing products. White Dog takes her job very seriously--slowly chewing small pieces to derive their full flavor. So far she loves Siku Smiles which are blueberry flavored; swallowed up Bentley's Bones; was ok with Digby's Dinos; and liked the crunch but not the crumbs of Jill's Frills. There are still others to sample, but not tonight...and White Dog wants to share with her Agility Class.

1 comment:

K and S said...

Siku - you are the BEST "tester" we have. Our kids tend to eat anything we put in front of them, so to have an honest tester is essential to us, and we are grateful!!!

Ps: So far, everyone seems to like your smiles best! We'll be making some more this week (the right size) and will send them to you ASAP!!