June 29, 2009

White Dog spent Sunday morning having fun with her friends Poppy, Daisy, Buster, and Dragon in dog agility class. She missed her Mommy and Daddy, though she was very thankful for her friends Gregg, Candace and Jesse, who arranged the class in Mommy's absence. Mommy is still in the hospital, but she will be getting out on Monday or Tuesday and heading to a week or two of rehabilitation. The best news is that White Dog will be able to visit Mommy in Rehab! Both are incredibly excited by this development.


K and S said...

That's Great news, Siku! I know you miss your mom, but soon enough you will be cuddled up in her arms!!

pughy said...

The good news is that you get to cuddle your mum again.. Glad she is improving..

Hugs GJ xx

Hansel said...

wow, we've been so worried about her! please keep us posted. We are so glad she gets out of the hospital.

Teddy Bear said...

Siku, that is pawesome news! I am so glad that your Mommy is getting better and that you get to see her soon.:)

Teddy Bear

Hana said...

We are glad to hear your Mom is well enough to be released from the hospital. Neato you will get to see your Mom at the rehab facility! All places should allow dogs to visit. Dogs make people happy. We do!