May 31, 2009

White Dog was helping Steve ready the yard for agility class and wandered over to check on Tortuga in his pen. "Somethings not right!" she barked, alerting Steve to come see. Steve and White Dog came in carrying the tortoise. "It looks like Tortuga is developing another case of prolapse," Steve said showing me the swelling tissue pushing out of the back of the tortoise's shell. White Dog agreed that we needed to give Tortuga a bath then put a sugar bandage on the swelling. Needless to say, the tortoise will be seeing Dr. Julia first thing Monday!


Hansel said...

oooohhh poor tortuga! hope he gets better! Sugar bandage?

K and S said...

Sugar bandage? Who would have thought! Our love and well wishes to Tortuga!!

Siku Marie, White Dog said...

According to Dr. Julia a cloth spread with a paste of sugar and water and wrapped tightly against the tissue will draw out the swelling. Steve has found some evidence that this is true even for humans during his web research...crazy, huh?