July 10, 2009

White Dog has developed a visiting me routine. I hear a single bark when she and Steve enter the facility and soon she bursts into my room. On the way in she looks for her Staff friends, especially her favorite, the beautiful and kind, Dianna, so that White Dog can say "Thanks for taking care of my mom." Steve then helps her up on my bed when she excitedly climbs all over ma and pushes into Steve's greeting kiss, making it a family hug. Then she settles onto the bed to share dinner with us (Steve brings something for himself and White Dog). If I have other visitors, White Dog solicits their attention, then politely calms down. Tonight Adam, Gregg, Candace and Dragon were here. Adam brought a roast chicken and bread so it was truly a "Get Well" picnic.
After the guests left, we walk (75 feet tonight). Steve holds the leash as they walk beside me. My reward is a wheelchair ride from Steve to the patient courtyard. White Dog prances ahead, stopping and looking back to hurry us along. Sometimes it seems she is almost pulling me sled-dog style. We spend time alone in the mini-park. Finally, at the last possible minute of visiting hours, Steve and White Dog help me get ready, then tuck me into bed. Each one kisses me goodnight a dozen times. White Dog struggles against refusing to leave, so Steve must lift her off the bed. One last "I love you" as they pass through the door and then we start missing each other all over again . . . but soon we will be home!


Hansel said...

so glad everyone is visiting you! I'll have benny and tesla and hansel teleport over to visit you guys.

pughy said...

That is so beautiful that you are allowed to visit and eat together.
That will speed the healing up so much more quickly..

Thanks for sharing this with us.

Hugs GJ xx

Kim and Shar said...

White Dog, you are an amazing companion for both mom and dad! I am sure you can't wait to bring mom home, but your love and devotion to her has, I'm sure, helped her healing process so much!