July 22, 2009

White Dog was very nervous when I left the house in the afternoon without her to go to the doctor's. It was too hot to take her along and leave her in the car while I went inside for my appointment. White Dog remembered that the last time I left without her that I did not come back for a long long time and she was afraid that would happen again! White Dog tried to stop me: she jumped in my lap ; ran out the door and tried to get into the car; hid under the bench so Steve had to carry her back inside. Finally, White Dog sat in the window and scratched and barked as we drove away. I felt awful making her worry but I DID come back! White Dog was so happy--she jumped all over me and stuck by my side like glue!

Steve went back outside and came in carrying a white box. White Dog had been so distraught that she didn't even notice that the mailman had come (she always hears the mailman even if she is in the yard). It was from Dugan's Barkery! She immediately brightened as she sniffed... SIKU SMILES, yay! I let her have a whole bunch because I knew how upset White Dog was. Then White Dog realized that there was enough to share with all of her friends agility class! How cool, now everyone will smile and will have a bag of treats with her face on them...White Dog can't wait until Sunday to hand them out!


pughy said...

Ah bless she must ave been so worried. lad she got treats to ake up for the scare..

Hugs GJ xx

Teddy Bear said...

Thank goodness your Mommy came back home. How was her appt.? Were you excited about your treats? Yummy!

Teddy Bear

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Treats khan SOOOOO make it all better!