July 25, 2009

White Dog barely made it through Richard's marinated berries and mango dessert because she was so tired! Adam returned late morning to continue his artistry on the fireplace and upon his heels came 3-year-old Tyler and his grandparents. Tyler is a non-stop whirlwind that dragged poor Steve all over the house to see all of the pets, and who "tortured" White Dog by bringing out all of her toys and trying to make her play with them. His "in-your-face" kid style intimidates her a little. Richard kindly came over to grill a wonderful dinner (with the help of sous chef Steve and major domo White Dog). Couscous surrounded by grilled veggies, and topped with both sea bass and basso made one's mouth water just from the smells. It was a quiet delightfully low-key evening but we were all in agreement when Richard took his leave early, saying he was really tired.


pughy said...

Oh sounds as though you had an overdose of little bean visit there.The sea bass sounds good though.That is mums favorite.

Hugs GJ xx

Kim and Shar said...

Siku - I agree - kids tend to think we need to play with EVERY toy, when in reality, we really are fearful of too much excitement. Mom says I bark so much when little ones come over because I am scared, and I think she is right.

You had another day of hard work - I hope you can stay awake for our stars tonight.


Teddy Bear said...

YUMMY! How did you like the sea bass and basso? Are you enjoying the cool tile floor?

Teddy Bear

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Mom says dinner sounds great!

I khan feel fur woo with the toy playing 'thing' -

I don't play on khommand...I play if and when I want...most times I just khontent to rest and watch and be petted!