July 6, 2009

White Dog and Steve visited after work and shared dinner with me. Even though we ate gathered over my bedside tray, it was wonderful to give bites of my chicken to White Dog who, sitting at the edge of the bed, actually was AT the table. Not to be rude, White Dog also accepted chicken and cheese (and olives!) from Steve's Greek salad.
White Dog agreed with Steve that it is about being together, not about where! I cling to that thought as I desperately long to be with them at home.


K and S said...

White Dog, you are the Perfect healer for Mom, and I would bet you also give Dad the positive energey he needs as well!!!

It's great to hear you are all enjoying meals together again!

Hana said...

That's great the 3 of you are enjoying your meals together.

How are the other critters doing at home? Siku, I guess they can't come to visit your Mom, too?

Charlie said...

Get well soon to your mom Siku. Sending good vibes from here.


Isis said...

so glad you got to share your food with family! that's a great thing! i'm so glad they let little siku there with you :)

and you concentrate on your strength, and then you can go home. Be patient! you will get there :) and your family will be patient along with you, and will help every step of the way!