August 12, 2009

White Dog laid on the bed watching the last half of the Kurosawa movie, Ran. Thanks to Charlie, her Japanese Spitz blog friend, she knows a bit of the language so she ignored the subtitles. Each time a character excitedly shouted "yes" (hai) White Dog would also bark in affirmation. There were several words that started with a "cat" sound that caused White Dog to jump off the bed, run out to the deck and bark a warning to any lurking cats. In the end she agreed with the director that "men choose sorrow over happiness and prefer hell to heaven." Why is that she asked?


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

That's good to know!

I suppose any movies in Khyraese will result in a similar response!


Teddy Bear said...

We will have to check out the movie.

Teddy Bear

Isis said...

i have lurking cats too siku! i hate them!