August 17, 2009

White Dog spent most of the day recuperating from the Party--hostessing takes a lot out of a girl. She did manage a little energy when Steve fired up the grill for dinner to make corn on the cob and to add a little BBQ sauce to yesterday's smoked turkey leftovers. After that, she and Steve sprawled on the couch to reread birthday cards and discuss highlights from the big day.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

And a well deserved day of rekhuperation it was!

Tank woo fur sharing the story of 'White Dog's' name - interesting AND humourous!


Teddy Bear said...

I hope you got in lots of naps after such a big day yesterday. Pawties are fun but oh so tiring. One day we should have a DWB meet up.:) Wouldn't that be fun?

Teddy Bear

Kim and Shar said...

Ah, yes....the day after! What is a party girl to do? Loving your dad and cherishing your mom's recovery probably made the day everything he could have dreamt of!

Hansel said...

:) snuggling on the couch with dad is the best. --hansel