August 25, 2009

White Dog rooted through her toy box and carefully selected curly, mousie, lambie, and monkey. She carried each to the middle of the floor and then shook and whomped the stuffie. After "killing" and lining up the chosen four, White Dog gently took each and carried it out to the deck where once again all were lined up. Left in the rain all afternoon, the stuffies were a sodden mess this evening when White Dog and Steve went out after work to play ball. When he asked her about them, she carried each to the living room where she repeated did her "shake it til it's dead" dance and then lined them up for Steve's review. The wet stuffies smelled bad he told her and suggested that they at least get a turn in the dryer. After sniffing them, White Dog agreed to drying but NO washing...and now she sits by the machine listening to them go round and round.


Teddy Bear said...

You are so smart so not let your Mom wash your toys.:)

Teddy Bear

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I've nevfur killed a stuffie!

I do have a mental pikture of woo shaking their stuffin'!