October 28, 2009

White Dog sat with us as we finalized installation plans with the Solar Panel guy. We are all excited by this addition to our home. White Dog's head snapped around to look at me when Steve and Paul, the rep, started talking about the removal of the big elm tree in the yard. "What?" her eyes screamed. "That is my tree!" The giant elm has been slowly dying from the inside out for years and we have been advised to cut it down before. We have always resisted-- instead pruning it and nursing it and have been somewhat successful in slowing its demise. We planted another tree close by in preparation for the day when the inevitable happened, but that tree is still a twig compared to the elm. White Dog spends summer afternoons resting beneath it and all the agility class dogs await their turn under its shade. It is the main source of crunchy colorful leaves blanketing the yard this time of year. White Dog made her arguments, unspoken, using only her eyes. When I asked if it was truly necessary to cut it down Steve said that when they were on the roof it was obvious that a great part of the heartwood is gone leaving a hollow shell; Paul added that the spindly top branches that were still growing would throw enough shade on the roof to greatly reduce the efficiency of the solar panels. White Dog came over and sat with me as we finished the discussion and both men left. Then we went out on the deck and just looked at the tree. She went and laid under her old friend (even though it was very cold outside). White Dog and I thanked the tree for all of its years of keeping us shaded and protected from the wind and for providing homes for countless birds. When White Dog brought me one of its beautiful yellow leaves I shed a tear.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo know I feel fur White Dog -

My own favourite tree is on borrowed time as well -

I'll be thinking of her -


The OP Pack said...

Poor White Dog - give her a snooter kiss from us. Maybe you can plant a new tree just for her.

Woos, the OP Pack

Teddy Bear said...

Siku, you are so sweet to have brought your Mom a leaf from your favorite tree. I'm so sorry that you have to part with it but am excited for you to have solar panels for your home.:)

Teddy Bear

Mason Dixie said...

Oh no!! sounds like a great tree you are going to lose. Make sure to take lots of pics with it to keep the memory alive=)

Kim and Shar said...

What a mixed bag, Siku - it's GREAT news that you and your family are getting solar, but sad that your faithful friend Mr. Elm has come to the end of his life. Maybe Dad and my mom can build you a covered hammock for you to rest on with a comfy chair for mom and dad to share summer days with you outside.