October 3, 2009

White Dog and Steve saw balloons...at least 20 of them...floating in the early morning air when they went to the Park! She came home all excited and reminded me that it is the start of Balloon Fiesta! White Dog loves the sight of the colorful balloons drifting across the blue sky but hates the sound as their propane flames to keep the balloons aloft. For the next 10 days Albuquerque hosts the world's largest assembly of hot air balloonist in what is said to be the most photographed annual event in the world! White Dog was so wound up about Fiesta (or maybe she is better at keeping secrets than I thought) that she didn't tell me about the incredible bouquet of velvety red roses that awaited me at the breakfast table! (Where they found a florist open so early, neither she nor Steve would tell)!


Ginger Jasper said...

How lovely to have that kind of surprise waiting for you, you must have been thrilled. I wish you lots of love and happiness on your special day. I would have caught your spider for you. give me a shout next time.. Hugs GJ x

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Oh my!

What a khool sight!

All that SYRUP ;-)

That is sooooo special about the flowers - they are truly a special pair!


Kim and Shar said...

What a great Sunday!! First the flowers and then the Ballon Fest! Next year we may just have to take a trip east for a visit so that Prinnie and Siku can enjoy the festivities together!! She LOVES things that float in the sky.

Teddy Bear said...

What a lovely surprise for your Mom. So many giant balloons. How cool! Don't you wish you could ride in one?

Teddy Bear