January 2, 2010

White Dog has the sniffles. Her nose is runny and she has a gunky throat. Most of the day White Dog just spent looking uncomfortable and wanting to cuddle. She rubbed at her eyes and ears. Steve went out and got her favorite chicken shwarma for lunch and she did perk up a bit. White Dog agreed to go for a walk with Steve and Adam to check out a yard sale but when they returned she curled up into an Eskie ball and went right to sleep! I hope White Dog feels better tomorrow because it is Yoga Day and Dragon comes over while the humans go find their balance. If she is out of sorts, the poor little Dragon-brat might find himself hiding under the coffee table!


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Paws khrossed fur White Dog to feel better!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Sagira said...

Feel better White dog!

Digby and Prinnie said...

Feel better precious girl. Prinnie and Digby are sending you many get well wishes.


Ginger Jasper said...

Oh my poor princess.. I am sending you some of my loudest purrs.. Hope you feel better soon.. Love from me and mum .. GJ and Carol xx

Teddy Bear said...

Oh no, Siku! I hope you're feeling better. Stay warm under the covers. What is chicken shwarma? Did it help you feel better?

Teddy Bear

Casper and pals said...

Feel better Siku Marie!

Eskie hugs amd kisses from Casper, Buddy, Nikki and foster dog jazzy

Suka said...

hey Siku Marie,

What a sad way to start the New Year feeling sick! I will keep my paws crossed that you feel better very soon! My human does yoga too. I need to teach her the Dog Pose.

Sending healing woofs your way,


p.s. Very cool about your name "Siku." Thanks for letting me know. We are the only two doggies I know with Eskimo names!

The OP Pack said...

Rut roh - we sure hope Siku isn't sick - take care there, White Dog. We have our paws crossed you are going to feel better soon.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Prints the Cat said...

Siku, I hope you feel better soon.