January 31, 2010

White Dog and I anticipated a lazy morning of togetherness once Steve announced he was skipping yoga today. My sister and her son boarded the train mid-afternoon to begin their cross country move to Albuquerque and we hoped for a moment of quiet before the settling in storm when they arrive tomorrow. Both had previously lived with my dad and the three had sheltered and cared for each other; now they were relocating to be nearer to us and the support we could offer.

But it was not a lazy morning; as the excitement mounted in Chicago the phone calls needing reassurance increased until at last the train was underway. White Dog barked encouragement and safe travel wishes and nervously jumped every time the phone rang. Jesse stopped by with a few things that might be of use in their new apartment...and of course, visited with White Dog getting the full up-to-the-minute scoop.

Gregg and Candace and Dragon came by with lunch after yoga and wanted an update. Dragon sat next to White Dog, calmly, as we discussed ways to introduce my family to the area. Dragon volunteered to let Michael, my nephew, take him for walks. White Dog said she would supervise the move into the apartment. Candace has been a godsend finding programs that will offer them assistance with their disabilities...and Gregg continues to provide muscle power and encouragement.

Adam to stopped by next to see if the travellers were underway and to remind us that he, too, would be over to help get the newcomers settled in. White Dog thanked him and graciously allowed Dragon to play zoomies-smack the floor with her good friend.

Richard made an appearance to give hugs and belly rubs (White Dog was very appreciative as Richard gives the BEST rubs) before he went to the gym. He also wanted to know how the trip was going (past Princeton, IL at that point). White Dog woofed to remind him that the train was due at 4:55pm on Monday because he is going to help transport luggage from the station.

White Dog hopped up on the arm in my chair and together we surveyed our living room crowded with such loving, giving friends. "What a wonderful heart family we have," she whispered. "Even Dragon is right there helping your sister and nephew and nobody even knows them!" "The world can be such a beautiful place," I replied squeezing her paw and breathing deeply.

Thanks also to Kim and Shar, heart family who have been just as helpful even though they are in California. (My sister has just crossed the Mississippi as we write this). White Dog and I are so grateful and could feel you sharing with us this afternoon.


Digby and Prinnie said...

Siku: You, mom and dad are so incredibly amazing, loving and unselfish. You all have gone so far beyond the norm to help two souls who are fortunate enough to have you in their lives. For all you have done, we look at you in awe and know that we are the lucky ones to have you as our family.

We are proud of you, and we love you.

Kim, Shar, Prinnie and Digby

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We'll be looking furward to hearing 'next stop Albuquerque'

Best of lukhk to all!


Teddy Bear said...

Wow, how pawesome that your family is moving to be closer to your family. I can already picture all the family get togethers.:) We hope that the moving in goes well. Mommy says that the packing/unpacking thing is her least favorite part about moving.

Teddy Bear

The OP Pack said...

And that's what family is all about - you are very wonderful for all you are doing to help them get settled in. We will keep all of you in our thoughts for a smooth transition.

TwoSpecialWires said...

Now we understand the comment and question about your family arriving. This will time of transition for you all ... and it sounds as if you are preparing well in all respects. We'll be hoping everything goes smoothly ... with all the support you all need.

So now, as we write this, we wonder if they have safely arrived. We hope so!

Jake and Fergi xxoo