January 9, 2010

White Dog was absolutely glowing with happiness when she and Steve returned from the Park this morning. Finally Steve felt nearly back to normal and promised White Dog that he would devote the morning to doing her favorite things. So we had bacon with breakfast; Steve made it a little crunchy and a little flabby--just the way she likes it. Then the two were off on a morning of fun and errands. They went to his office to retrieve the recharger for his new Droid (yes, White Dog is not the only one who is spoiled!)...of course a couple of games of hall ball were necessary. Next was a stop at the Pet Store to pick up crickets for Arvo, the bearded dragon...and a box of Yip Yaps that White Dog insisted she had to have! Finally, the Park. It was sparsely populated because of the cold so White Dog was able to do zoomies and run up and down the hills with wild abandon. She sniffed. She rolled. She and Steve walked around the entire perimeter of the Park. It was heavenly! White Dog and Steve pulled up just as Adam stopped by. We all shared leftover beef stew with veggies before White Dog excused herself and went to sleep curled up next to her bestest playmate, dad.


The OP Pack said...

Bacon, games, treats, park - sounds like a pawfect day to us!!! Glad to hear Steve is doing better.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I khan't top what The OP KS Pakhk pawed!


Teddy Bear said...

I'm so glad your Dad is feeling better.:) What a fun fun fun day. Life is back to normal now that your Dad is feeling better.:) I know you'll miss the tissues though.

Teddy Bear

Digby and Prinnie said...

We're so happy for you that you got to do your favorite things. Ahh, a great day.
Eskie Hugs my BFF,

Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds like you had the best day.. Glad all is back to normal.. HUgs GJ x

Sagira said...

Sounds like you had a great day!

The Thundering Herd said...

Woo - we want to sign up for that menu.

TwoSpecialWires said...

We are glad Dad is feeling better, and we KNOW that zoomies are the best!

Life is so good. Especially when our people are home and healthy.
Jake and Fergi xxoo

Casper and pals said...

Oh Siku,

What a wonderful day!

You have the best 2 parents in the world!


Casper, Buddy, Nikki and foster dog Jazzy