February 8, 2010

White Dog spent the day cleaning up and reorganizing after Dragon's visit. He always takes TONS of stuff out of her toybox and drags all her chewies into the front room. He NEVER puts things back where he found them! This morning White Dog began the process by checking to make sure everything was still there; she counted her toys and chewies...oh oh a missing chewie! I cautioned her to look around carefully before accusing Dragon of stealing it and sure enough, the little guy had dragged hoof under the coffee table where it was hiding just out of White Dog's reach. Once all were accounted for, the chewies were placed back in the places they belonged: gigantic bone on her hearth rug, hoof in the couch cushions, stuffed beef bone on the bed, and old beef bone next to her chair in the bedroom. Stuffies were next as bunny went back on the hearth next to zebra and Star was placed on her bed blanket. She decided that Mono needed to be aired out to get rid of "Dragon Cooties" so she put him outside on the deck. Christmas Bear was left out for a fast game of tug and fetch with Steve at lunchtime. She asked and I helped her put all the toys pushed out of the box by Dragon to reach his fixations back inside. Satisfied that everything was back in its proper place, White Dog took one final survey, then curled up for a nap.


Remington said...

There is no better feeling than having all of your prize possessions right where you want them. Good job!

Digby and Prinnie said...

Oh, Siku, you are so organized. How smart of you to know exactly where each of your toys belong. I like to keep my favorites organized too, but brother doesn't pay mind to where he leaves things ;)

The OP Pack said...

Ahhh, she now has a sense of more control over her life. Nothing quite like putting things back in order and thus making things right.

What a special Valentine's Day it must be at your place. And our Mom's birthday is the day after.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Us Eskies are a very organized group. You are very smart, and such a well behavied little girl.
Sally Ann

Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

One would almost think WD was a Virgo...


Cappy the Eskie said...

Hi Siku, Wow ~~ what great organization! My mom should emulate your work habits. She should also join "Clutterers Anonymous".
Oliver and I don't have a good role model.

Hugs and Yips,

Teddy Bear said...

Everything is accounted for? Yayyyy! All that hard work deserves a good nap.:)

Teddy Bear

Suka said...

hey Siku Marie,

Good job! Don't you feel better now that things are more back to normal and in your control? Dragon sounds like a furry fun doggy, hiding all the toys! I know it is not fun for you but I am sure he means well and just wants to play. I am glad all your belongings were accounted for and are now in their proper places!


p.s. Most of my snow has disappeared but now the very very cold weather is here. I don't mind it so much except for the wind, so I have been cuddled in my dog house for warmth. Not much playing when it is windy cold out! But, I do have a few big deer bones left to munch on. And K said she definitely would have eaten the food at your party. Yummers!

Prints the Cat said...

You have very good organization skills. And you are smart that you don't want to get Dragon Cooties!

Sagira said...

You keep your toys in the box? Not me...as soon as mom puts them all away I drag them all out again.

TwoSpecialWires said...

We'd invite you to come over and help us organize our - rather MY stuffies, and our chewies, but we're afraid any sense of order is beyond possible right now. They are always in a state of reorganization. All except of one. My Favorite Football is always in the same closet. On the same shelf. I know. I stand and yearn for it every time the closet door is open.

Ah, well. Just having the toys makes us happy.

Jake and Fergi xxoo