March 1, 2010

White Dog's first day of being a big sister turned out to be her first day of being a little sister! Quinn had a visit with Dr. Julia, White Dog's vet, just to make sure that he was healthy and that his neutering had been done correctly. Michael went with to hold Quinn's paw, a relief to White Dog since she hates going to there. Imagine all of our surprise when Dr. Julia told us Quinn was not the 1-1/2 years old Animal Control claimed...or even the 3-4 years we had expected...but was rather, 8 years old! Not that Quinn's age changes anything...it just amazes us that such a misrepresentation is considered ethical. Since White Dog turned 5 in December, she is now officially the little sister.

Little sister White Dog began training her brother when the mailman came this morning. She allowed Quinn the "honor" of standing on her lookout chair while she stood on the arm of my chair and barked and barked her USPS song. Quinn finally "got it" (he seems very reluctant to bark) and gave out a hearty "woof!" to add his voice.

White Dog has taken a sort of hang back and see approach to Quinn. She doesn't pursue him but is fine with his attentions of sniffing and standing near her. When he disappears from the room, she quietly checks on his whereabouts but leaves him to discover and explore. White Dog has stuck close to my side, which is expected, and she has in turn received much positive reinforcement for her tolerance and acceptance. She is not happy that Quinn is a food inhaler (she likes to savor and pick at her meal) because after he finishes his, he looks longingly at her plate. We are probably going to need to change feeding routines but for a first day...after a long and tiring night of driving...I think things have gone well.


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Life is full of surprises!

Have woo khonsidered one of those bowls that slow down the inhalation style of kibble khonsumption?

Maybe Quinn would benefit from one of those!


Prints the Cat said...

How are Quinn's teeth? Don't most vets look at the teeth to make a determination as to estimated age? Are they in really good shape?

Things are working out very well so far!

Comet and BLU said...

We are glad to hear that everyone is back home and adjusting well. It was so much fun meeting your family! Thank you for inviting us! Maybe once Quinn gets used to his new home (and gets his weight up) he won't be so quick to inhale his food. Of course, he might also get more eager to bark, too!
Comet and BLU

Suka said...

hey Siku Marie,

What a busy day! Quinn is experiencing a lot of new things in such a short period of time. Going to the Vet is not a fun thing to do on your first day to your new home, but glad he did great and had Micheal to protect and care for him! How do you feel being both a big and little fur-sister?! What a surprise. At eight years old he probably has a lot of life adventures to share with you!


Teddy Bear said...

A new big brother is very exciting! It sounds like things are going well, Siku. Quinn sounds like Sierra and you sound like me when it comes to eating.:)

Teddy Bear

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Sorry for being MIA again! >.<" That's such great news to hear that you got a big brother, Siku! I will be reading your previous posts next...Quinn looks so cute in the photo of your previous post! Maybe the Animal Control center doesn't know how to check doggies for their age or something. 1-1/2 years and 8 years are VERY big gaps!


Hansel said...

8 years!!! WOW!!! that is quite a difference! but, for siku, that could be a really good thing. Because that explains why he's not all bouncing around like a mad insane puppy! Siku probably can tolerate that a lot more than if he was younger and jumping all over her because he wants to play play play! :) We think he is very regal, and glad that she is adjusting so well to her new big brother!

Remington said...

I am glad things are going well! 8 years old....think of all the stories he can tell you!

The Thundering Herd said...

So glad that Quinn is settling in. We use crates for the first feedings when somepup new arrives at Chez Herd (it has been a couple of years) until everypup understands that no one checks anyone else's bowl. Prevents those nasty little fights.

Kari in WeHo said...

That is quite the surprise! Glad things are working out so well!

Cappy the Eskie said...

Hi Siku – We have a feeding routine in our house. I’m more of a nibbler when it comes to food. Oliver is a gobbler. If he were tall enough to reach the counter, he’d be eating everything in sight. When my plate is put down, he’s taken out for a LONG walk to give me a chance to eat.

No fear, Quinn will be yipping and yapping like the rest of us before long. Even Oliver turned into a real barker. Barking is not an inherent trait in Cavaliers. I think he’s an Eskie *wannbe*.

Hugs and Yips,
Cappy ~~ and Oliver too (Woof)

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Wow it sounds like things are going very well so far!

And as a cat owner (who loves dogs just donesn't have one yet) I have to ask - how can they tell his age? I know it is tough with cats and usually just an estimate (unless they are pretty much newborns that is).

I am glad that it isn't making a difference to you that he is older then you thought - I think some people might reconsider if they found that out. It is awesome that you didn't!

Sagira said...

Wow, that is a big age difference in dog time. But I am glad that is doesn't matter to you guys and he has a happy and safe forever home. :)

TwoSpecialWires said...

We're so glad to read that things are going well. In many ways, Quinn sounds like Fergi. Eight years old when we adopted her. Hesitant to bark (she doesn't bark) Food inhaler. What we are thrilled to read is that he comes to you for pets and pats. He is already trusting you. And that is wonderful. (Don't you wonder what his first eight years were like?)

Keep us posted. We really are excited to see this all unfold.

Jake and Fergi xxoo

The OP Pack said...

What a surprise that must have been!!! How could they tell? By the teeth?

We feed Ciara in the laundry room and the boys in the kitchen. Eventually when she can keep her nose to her own bowl, she will join the rest of the pack. We may be getting her one of those funky bowsl because she also inhales her food.

Woos, Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara