May 26, 2010

White Dog and Quinn want to thank their friend, Sagira, for this lovely award...and her generous compliment. Both mean a lot to us because we respect her blog and value her friendship. She is very kind to share it with us and we are honored that she finds our blog worthy. This award comes with some requirements:

We must share seven facts about ourselves and then pass the award on to seven bloggers who we think add something special to the blogworld.

White Dog, first...
1. My name, Siku, is Athabaskan (an Eskimo language) for "Ice."
2. My favorite food of all is lamb shanks; I would eat them every day if mom would just cook enough!
3. I came from a small kennel in Kansas and flew on a plane all by myself to get to mom and dad.
4. I love to run and run and run in the park and I do Agility (informally with a group of friends).
5. My job is to loudly alert the family if something is wrong or intruders are at hand.
6. I consider myself the luckiest pup in the whole world to have such a loving family, a special heart family, and my family here in the blog world...it feels so good to be surrounded by so many who care, and share, and reach out.
7. My favorite time is when mom, dad, Quinn and I cuddle on the floor and momma sings to us.

Quinn, the Other White Dog....
1. I was named after a song by Bob Dylan (The Mighty Quinn) and Quinn means "Wise Counsel" in Celtic.
2. I still pretty much chow down anything (living on the street makes one less picky) but I rather like the way mom stews chicken mixed with rice and veggies for our every night meal.
3. I was on death row in Los Angeles when my family rescued me and people from all over the blogworld and facebook helped get me out of jail and safely to Albuquerque.
4. I like to take dad for a nice walk in the Cottonwood Bosque with my friends Dragon, Gregg, and Candace...and White Dog, too.
5. When my sister sounds the alarm, I rush out to stand at her side to protect my family but I only woof once or twice...I am not a barker.
6. I was so afraid when I was in prison that I would die alone and unloved then I was given a second chance and found not just the most perfect forever home but also special people who care about me and friends who are interested in my story and an opportunity to be happy. I am so amazed and blessed at my turn in fortune.
7. My favorite time is at bedtime when momma says, "Goodnight Quinn. You are a very good boy. We are so glad you cam to live with us. Momma loves you. Sweet dreams." and then she kisses me on the head...BUT my second favorite time is when I "help" dad get any meal together (because he lets me be the taste-tester)!

We pass the award on to these seven bloggers who we would like to know more about and whose blogs we rush to read each day:
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Khyra, Khousin Merdie, And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khongrats on such a pawesome award AND fur sharing such GREAT fakhts about WOO!

Khyra & Khousin Merdie

Teddy Bear said...

Congrats on the award, Siku and Quinn. We loved getting to know you both better.:)

Teddy Bear

The Thundering Herd said...

Congratulations on the award and thanks for sharing it with us.

Rebecca and Daisy Mae said...

We love your seven things! Its great to learn more about you! We are happy you found your brother and got him home to you safe and sound from LA. Momma says LA is a scary place, depending on the time and where in LA you are. Finding the best forever home is great!

Remington said...

Congrats on your well deserved award. The Mighty Quinn -- I hadn't thought of that song in years....thanks for the memory....

Sagira said...

Great job on your 7 things. I learned stuff today. WHOO HOO...mission accomplished!

And I value our friendship to. <3

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Congrats on the award - you both totally deserve it! And those were wonderful things to learn about both of you - I have to admit that Quinn's #6 made my eyes a bit leaky because I am so glad you do have such a wonderful loving forever home now Quinn!