June 11, 2010

White Dog and Quinn lined up at the door to wish Michael luck as he left for his first afternoon of volunteer work at Watermelon Ranch's (our local no-kill shelter) adoption center. It was a gigantic step for him to go by himself and to spend the day outside of his normal routine. As he and Steve drove off, the rest of us crossed paws (and fingers) and hoped it would be a good experience.

It was better than a good experience! When we picked Michael up he was full of stories about the animals at the center and their individual quirks. He had walked dogs, played with kittens, cleaned litter boxes, washed food bowls, watered all of the animals, and gave lots of love. He was thrilled that two dogs and a cat had been adopted "on his shift"...one, a dog that he had walked around the store and introduced to her ultimate forever family!

We stopped and had dinner at our favorite Korean place. Michael, feeling very full of confidence, a novice to this food type, boldly took both Steve's and the waiter's advice and tried the grilled beef short ribs instead of ordering his usual safe fare of egg fu young. He loved them! And best of all, collected up all of the bones for White Dog and The Other White Dog..."I bet they will LOVE me when I walk in the door with these," he speculated.

My greeting back home was cut short, when the White Ones got a sniff of the bag in Michael's hands. Both nearly knocked him over to share the treat and to hear about his day!

It was a good ending to a great day in which even the weather was grand! Michael volunteers again on Sunday. He follows this blog (of course) and shyly reads those of most of White Dog's friends. He especially wanted White Dog to let Khyra and her mom know that he, too, is working hard to make sure that every dog and kitty has a forever home!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We were smiling from the start of the post AND by the end, well the smile had started to leak a bit!

My fluffy tail is up fur Michael and HIS making a difFURence!


Teddy Bear said...

How pawesome that Michael is volunteering at the animal shelter. He must be loving every moment. We love Korean food! Of course we are a little biased since Mommy is part Korean.:)

Teddy Bear

Remington said...

What a great thing to do! He will enjoy that!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Khyra and her Mom have taught Michael well - great example from them. Please tell Michael that all of the OP Pack is so very proud of him for volunteering and for being such a responsible young man.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sagira said...

Glad that Michael is doing such a great thing and yes Khyra is someone to look up to for sure.

Prints the Cat said...

Michael! That's great you had a great day volunteering at the animal shelter. The animals appreciate it very much! You are doing a very good deed.