June 15, 2010

White Dog could not avoid the lure of adventure...or a car ride...for very long. When Steve came home for a brief break between work at the office and teaching at the University, he suggested that the White Dogs and I might be interested in "getting out of the house for a while." Before I could answer, White Dog was on her leash chair and woofing for me to hurry and get shoes on. Quinn, always a go-with-the-flow kinda of guy, calmly waited until Steve attached his lead.

Where were we going? we all wondered as Steve did not take any of the obvious routes to the Park or the ice cream shoppe or to the pet store. Finally, Steve pulled up at a NEW Park! This one was flat and even and blanketed in lush grass. Edged in tall shady trees the park was easily the size of a football field...and best of all...it was deserted!

White Dog burst out of the door as soon as Steve gave the command and was happily doing zoomies of ever widening loops by the time Steve and the Other White Dog got onto the grass and explored their first tree. It was heaven and she was in her element streaming across the openness with the sun splashing on her whiteness. White Dog ran until she could no more then dropped into the shade and watched her brother ambling along with Steve...stopping every few feet to sniff and to look around. White Dog repeated this cycle three more times before she indicated that she had her fill. By then TOWD had completed his circuit and was also ready for a long cool drink.

Everyone piled back into the car expecting that we would head for home but Steve had one last surprise...a stop at Tastee Freeze for vanilla ice cream cups...the perfect capper to the trip! Now Steve has dashed off to class and both White Dogs, tired and sated, are napping in their coolest spots. I expect I will not hear from either of them until Steve returns later this evening.


Prinnie,Digby and Atka said...

What a perfect summer treat!!! I'm with you, Siku....I SO don't get how any white dog can just lazily stroll along in a perfect zoomie zone! BOYZ!!!

Love you my BFF!

Ps: Atka wants to say something - Dear my sister's BFF and handsome brother: Thank you so much for my very own and very special bowl. It came today, and I already ate my dinner in it. I love it, AND it has my whole name on it. It is bright and colorful and just perfect! Thank you both so much - I LOVE my family!!!! All of you!
Love and Paw Prints,
Atka Kaya

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

What a great way to spend The 15th!

The Ides of June surely smiled on ALL of WOO!


Teddy Bear said...

A new park and all to yourselves? That sounds like heaven! Then to top things off with ice cream. That sounds like the pawfect day.:)

Teddy Bear

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

How fun for everyone. We don't get the chance to run free outside of our yard - we are very jealous of your fun. But we do get our share of some ice cream treats. Happy zooming.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Jacqueline said...

What an awesome adventure!...Glad to hear you guys got out and had a fun day together...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Brian said...

That sure sounds like a very pleasant day fur sure!

Sagira said...

Sounds like a great day out especially when it ends with an ice cream treat. :)

Scottie the 'Cutie' said...

Oh man...that car drive, the romp in the park AND ice-cream afterwards almost killed me! I so wish I could go!! Mom never really gets to bring me out as we don't have dog-friendly parks near our place =(