June 25, 2010

White Dog listened as Michael told the main highlights of the Shelter's Adoptathon that he volunteered at this afternoon. It will last all weekend and he will work again on Sunday. Today was a little disappointing as only one pup was adopted. We reassured him that the weekend would bring out more people and result in hopefully more kitties and dogs finding forever homes.

Steve was preparing to head back to his office when White Dog reminded him that this was the official "Take Your Dog to Work Day!" "Want to go?" Steve asked, "Come on!" She leaped over the chair and was clawing for the front door knob before Steve had stooped to kiss me goodbye. "I don't really think she's interested in your offer," I joked as White Dog rushed in to jump at Steve's back to hurry him.

White Dog is well known--and loved--at Steve's architecture firm and spent the first half hour wandering around to greet old friends. There was still a bone in the freezer awaiting her attention and hall ball to be played down the long hallway that connected the various studios/offices. She managed to keep herself busy as Steve worked and eventually curled up at his feet to nap.

Both decided that after a hard day at the office an "easy" dinner was in order so they stopped to pick up moo shu pork, Chinese broccoli and ginger chicken, cold sesame noodles...and Michael's favorite, egg fu young. We all shared a fragrant feast and then fortune cookies. White Dog just shook her head when Quinn tried to eat his cookie with the fortune still inside!


Jacqueline said...

I am very impressed with Michael for doing volunteer work helping animals=that is a wonderful, kind thing for him to do!...I must leave due to family illness/surgery, but hope you guys will still visit my babies (I've scheduled posts a week ahead)...Take care...xo...J
It is very cool that Siku got to go to work with Steve; we're sure everyone was so happy to see that sweet baby!...We're sure having Siku at work made Steve's day!...Happy weekend sweet, beautiful friends...kisses x3 Siku and Quinn...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Teddy Bear said...

What a fun day! We hope lots of pups get adopted this weekend. We think it's so cool that Michael is volunteering there. Isn't going to work with Daddy so much fun? It's almost as fun as having Chinese for dinner.:)

Teddy Bear

The Thundering Herd said...

So jealous that you got to go to work with Steve. We still don't understand what our dad does, but he said we would "create havoc" if we went. Do you thing he builds havoc there?

Brian said...

That is so cool that you got to go to work with Steve! And super YAY! for Michael for voluteering too, that is so wonderful!

Prints the Cat said...

Take your dog to work day? Is there a Take your cat to work day, too?

That is really neat Michael volunteered at the adoption event. Keep up the good work! There will be some slow days and some fast days. You are doing a good job, Michael!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We got to spend the day with Mom - at home - same as always - but she says this is where she works:)

Happy weekend.

Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Sagira said...

Great work Michael, keep it up!