October 9, 2010

White Dog and The Other White Dog received new stuffies from Daisy Mae, when their standard poodle friend from southern NM visited last week. The toys are very clever and have containers built into their bellies that can be filled with small treats or kibble. When the toy is flipped or thrown around or dragged the toy releases a treat. These toys were not thrown into the fray during the Pup Balloon Fiesta Party that got a little out of hand in the mistreatment of stuffies.

Quinn is not one to play with toys. The closest he has come so far is to gallop after White Dog during her games of fetch (more to run interference and out of curiosity than the desire to play). He also, if the moon is in the right phase, will stick out a paw to stop a ball rolling directly past him. He does however, interact with food, very favorably. Daisy Mae's gift seemed like it might be just the thing to entice him to explore his inner child through play.

White Dog as a wee pup had a plastic cube that worked similarly...fill it with treats and let the little one turn the cube over and around to release a prize. She figured out the secret in less than 15 minutes and for weeks it was like living in a casino. White Dog would ask Steve to fill the cube. He would set it on the floor and she would WHACK it across the room like dice down the table following after snarfling down kibble. Then she would send it flying the other way down the hall and so on until it was empty. Then she would bat the "empty" back to us requesting a refill.

Seems this is a memory not forgotten by WD for as soon as Steve set down her brown treat toy she was off and running. Quinn watched in amazement. Then he followed behind, at a respectful distance, to see the action up close. In minutes she was sitting on Steve's lap holding the empty bear.

Next, we sent TOWD's blue dog down next to him. He nosed it gently...nothing happened. Steve showed him how to flip it over and pointed out the treat that appeared. He seemed puzzled but tried nosing again. In exasperation, White Dog jumped down and grabbed it. He sat while she did the "kill it" dance, sending kibble flying everywhere. When she finished he calmly walked around and ate the bits covering the floor.

White Dog dropped the toy at his feet. He looked at it. Then he looked at her. Then he sat down to patiently wait. I think the playing thing is still not clicking but I was thrilled that White Dog was trying so hard to share her knowledge as well as the rewards. Progress is after all, progress.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Khwite the great team!

Teacher - student - sharing!


Hailey said...

I can just imagine Quinn lazily sticking out his paw to make a mere "attempt" to stop the ball!!! BAAAHAHAHAHA!!

Hugs & smoochies!!! XOXO
Hailey & Lala

Jacqueline said...

Siku is a wonderful sweetheart to try to teach Quinn the art of "playful eating"!...It will be so cool when he "learns" the fun of play=no doubt, a priceless gift...We hope you all have a lovely, peaceful Sunday...kisses x3, precious friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

Teddy Bear said...

Way to show Quinn how to get treats.:) We hope he'll start playing with toys more and more. They are so much fun.:)

Teddy Bear

Rebecca said...

Glad they are being enjoyed. :]

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Well, some might say that TOWD is a smart male, relying on the female to get the job done and then feasting on the reward:)

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Brian said...

Nothing like learning from the master!

Hansel said...

Siku, you are such a good sister teaching quinn how to use his toy and letting him have all the spoils! Poor quinn. We will try to think of something extra special for him for christmas, in hopes that he will be able to play a kill it dance of his own. :)

Mack said...

Mom's aussie NEVER played with toys either...unless of course it was a food toy!

Kari in WeHo said...

May he just wants white dog to do the hard work?


Remington said...

What a great teacher!

Sagira said...

That was so nice of Daise Mae to bring you stuffies and especially ones that the humans have to put treats in for you!