December 11, 2010

White Dog wants to share some random moments from our Saturday:

This is White Dog in royal highness copilot perch on Pumpkin's console as we drove to drop Michael off at Watermelon Ranch and ran errands.

"Hello, I am Puff, Still Another White Dog, and I am a kleptomaniac!" Among the White Thief's haul is Nuka's pink coat, a leash, the curry brush, and a moo ear. WD's trainer says this is a good thing as it shows SAWD is starting to feel a sense of belonging. Quinn believes it is a sign that we better start locking up the good stuff...and counting the family silver.

The Other White Dog and Another White Dog like to share the way back seat. Nuka looks out of the window and TOWD can conveniently hide his face from the flashy beast.

Please bigify this photo to see Nuka's beautiful Christmas dress and to clearly see the Harness of Harm.

I did not realize after we were back home from a hike along the river that I had missed a goathead (a particularly sharp pronged weed seed tough enough to puncture bkie tires)clinging to Nuka's harness. As I went to pull the harness over AWD's head the goathead grabbed her ear which is always tender (but more so the past few days...we think she is developing an ear infection). Her reaction was immediate and instinctive...she swiveled around faster than I could pull away and clamped onto my thumb. Only having 8 teeth did not make the bite any less painful. Now momma's thumb is swollen and the muscle VERY sore, which is not good on a weekend when there is baking to complete and hand sewing to do...both thumbs were certainly needed.


Brian said...

Ouchy, I hope your thumb feels better soon. That Puff is a talented collector!

Kari in WeHo said...

hahaha silly kelpto puppy :)


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Furry nice haul!

I think I see HOWLiday pressies fur all!

Sorry 'bout the nip - but woo are khorrekht about the instinkhtive reakhtion -

Paws khrossed fur ATWDs to live in peace and harmony!


Teddy Bear said...

We loved seeing all the photos from the White Dog Army.:) Goatheads are NO fun...at all.:(

Teddy Bear