December 15, 2010

White Dog totally sympathizes with her brother, Quinn, and his need to sometimes just have "alone" time. Because of his gentle nature and even temperament he seldom tells his sisters to stopping tailgating him. He lets them push into his time for pets. He sits back and allows Nuka, in particular, to take his turn during treat handouts. When it gets too overwhelming TOWD puts his head resignedly in your lap (until AWD or SAWD come to investigate what he is doing)...then he simply wanders off to his own space.

Even "his" space has been changed since the arrival of the new kids. Quinn, when he first arrived in March, quickly claimed the office closet for his "pup cave." We put some blankets on the floor and he was happy and comfortable in that space.

Then Nuka came and we put her bed in our bedroom where she happily slept for the first couple of weeks. But she developed a sweet habit of laying at the edge of TOWD's blankets in his closet and staying part of the night there. Slowly AWD moved closer to him and tried to cuddle. Quinn is not a cuddler...and he slowly yielded more and more of his space. We moved AWD's bed into the office near Quinn's door in hopes of setting boundaries. Finally, one bedtime we noticed Nuka sprawled in what was formerly Quinn's space and the calm boy curled under my sewing desk.

I have cleaned out a Quinn sized space that he can call his own and we bought him one of those dense foam camping mats so he can rest off the floor. He didn't seem sure about the arrangement at first, but last night after we turned out the lights, we heard him "nesting" in the space. This morning the mat showed marks from being clawed and there were little foam bits all over, but our big zen boy was cozily curled on it snoring away.

I have also found that if I turn the computer chair so its back rests against the sewing desk when I leave the room that it provides privacy and blocked entry for TOWD's fort! And we all know nothing makes boys happier than their own secret clubhouse.

The CountUp: This is actually our 1,994th post. When listing yesterday's count, I mistakenly took the published count, which did not include that post.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

How wise of woo to rekhognise all need their own little khorner sometimes!


Anonymous said...

Reskie Ellie is an only dog, so it was fun reading about how the White Dog Pack learns to share! B>)Ellie's Mom, Barbara, writes a blog for her, too, posted at the Best Friends Network, http://network.bestfriends.org/blogs/reskie_ellie/default.aspx
(((tailwags))) from Ellie

Anonymous said...

Well, that link won't work without all of it, says Reskie Ellie! Here's the whole thing--hope it all shows up this time!

Teddy Bear said...

We agree that boys need their forts.:) We think it's sweet that Nuka wants to cuddle with Brother Quinn.:)

Teddy Bear

Brian said...

I agree, a little private space sometimes helps with the stress of the day!

Remington said...

I think we all need our own little space....

Ginger Jasper said...

That is so good that you made sweet Quinn his own private place. Its a shame that he doesnt like to cuddle but I expact its a you say he likes his own space. Hugs GJ x

Sagira said...

I think we all need some alone time every now and again.

Wow, you are almost to 2,000 post? That is AWESOME!

Kari in WeHo said...

pesky sisters! Glad Quinn has his own fort :)