December 29, 2010

White Dog asked dad to help post a nearly Wordless Wednesday so that mom, who has the sickies, can stay under the blankie where Nuka is guarding her feet.

We did want to encourage you to visit Random Felines and leave a comment.

In celebration of the New Year, they are a having comment-a-thon. They don't get too many visitors yet, so we are hoping our loyal followers will pass the word on and maybe help them meet some new kitties, doggies and peoples.

They donating $.25 per comment to Citizens for Humane Action which is where their mom is currently volunteering. So pay them a visit for a good cause, please!!!


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

We are sorry woo are still under the weather...

We visited there earlier this evening even though we are not feeling furry khommentie - but fur Echo, we did!

PeeEssWoo: We've shared your pawesome pressies on our thursday post!

Prinnie,Digby and Atka said...

Aw BFF, we're sorry to hear that Mom is not feeling well! Booo!! But Dad is a champ, isn't he? Helping you post your blog was a very thoughtful thing to do.

Please give mom a snuggle and licks from me and tell her we all wish her a speedy recovery.

Love you, my BFF

Cappy the Eskie said...

Hi Everyone, We hope that as of this writing, your Mom is feeling much better, Siku.

We did stop by Random Felines and left a comment. Anything to help a wonderful cause . . .

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

Suka said...

hey Whites Dogs,

Kudos to your dad for an excellent post! I am SO sad to hear your mom has the sickies. My paws are crossed that she feels better real soon! There is a New Year coming and she needs to celebrate with you pups!

Very cute photos tonight! And Nuka, what a sweet girl to keep your mom's feet warm! Keep up the good work!


Teddy Bear said...

We hope your Mom gets better soon. We are sending lots of hugs.

Teddy Bear

Mack said...

We love the pics! And we will go straight away to the commentathon!
Get Well Soon WD mom!!!


Random Felines said...

Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Thanks for the post - we have lots so far and mom was AMAZED and has this funny smile on her face now. :)

Brian said...

We are all sending purrs to you Mom! We went over and left a comment too!

Ginger Jasper said...

I hope your mum is feeling so much better now. I know you will all be keeping an eye on her and its good that your dad helped yu to blog. Sending love to your mm and going to see your friend now.. Hugs GJ xx

GRAÇA said...

Miaumiau, Kika am and I love having friends, come want a new year 2011 with everything good for us than 4 legs and for our owners and those owners who do not yet have the new year will bring them a
Ronrons of

Remington said...

I hope your mommy gets better VERY soon! If you need a dr. -- don't forget Dr. Remington makes house calls....

Sagira said...

We paid them a visit. CHA is right by our house. :)

Hope your mom feels better. My mom is sick to. :(

Kari in WeHo said...

Mesa is the foot guarder in our house :)