February 25, 2011

White Dog was getting drowsy as she waited for Steve to finish getting ready and leave for work. Quinn and Nuka were already doing the post-breakfast nap. Only Puff waited attentively so that she could send Steve off by watching him back down the driveway as she does everyday. But things did not follow the normal routine...Instead of just walking out of the door, Steve asked, "Who wants to go for a ride?" and suddenly EVERYONE (even the deaf girl) was waiting impatiently and jostling each other to be first for leashes.

He had made plans to go into the Office later so that we could go to the Municipal Building to pick up the paperwork for permits needed for the 2MillionDog Walk for Canine Cancer Awareness and Research we are organizing for June. That also meant that we would get the chance to visit the Park since it is right around the corner!

Gathering the necessary forms took only minutes and The White Dog Army left nose prints on every single window in its excitement to get out for playtime. White Dog ran zoomies while The Other White Dog carefully explored every section of fencing sniffing and analyzing. Another White Dog strolled calmly at his side, drinking in the warm Spring air and snuggling in her lighter weight jacket. SAWD wanted desperately to run a bit but with her cough and congestion, Steve restrained her to a dancing prance.

Back in the car, everyone got comfortable for the nap home but sat up in surprise when we stopped at a coffee shop. They have a pet friendly patio but we were all disappointed to discover a sign that said "One Dog per Family, Please!" What is THAT about the Army grumbled. Midmorning, the patio was empty. But we had a lovely car picnic instead...delicious cafe lattes (for the humans) and almond cheese danish (we all shared). THEN it WAS nap time!

Great adventures for a day that was not even at noon yet, right? Well, drama knows no hourglass. Just as we pulled back into the drive at home, Puff, Still Another White Dog, graphically shared with us the secret treat she had been enjoying. She threw up all over the car. Seems she has been chewing off the fringe on the carpets and had created inside herself a giant hairball made of yarn. White Dog went and sat at the front door her little Queenly nose rolled up in disgust. Quinn and Nuka wanted to get closer looks...and maybe even a taste (no way) and poor Puff just stood looking VERY green. Things are fine now and hopefully the car will not smell. All of the pups are napping with smiles on their sleeping faces and all is well.

Tomorrow (Saturday), on The Mighty Quinn's very First Gotcha Day, the White Dog Army invites everyone to stop by and and leave a comment. We will count all comments left on this post and tomorrow's until noon on Sunday (Quinn IS from California after all, so rules are very laid back).

As is our tradition, fifty cents will be donated to charity for every comment left. TOWD has chosen to donate his Gotcha Day funds to ERU (Eskie Rescuers United), BAD RAP, a pit bull rescue, and Sea Shepards. These animal rescues are the choices of those prominent in helping to save Quinn from Death Row a year ago and to bring him to us. Please join us to celebrate...and spread the word!


Cappy the Eskie said...

Hi Everyone – we’ll be sure to leave a comment for Quinn on his Gotcha Day. Glad to hear that all is now well with the Army.

Thank you for the information about Richie and Ronii. Mom mailed a check to Frankie in Ohio and plans to donate 2 crocheted *girlie* dog ponchos for the auction.

She’s going to TRY to have us model the ponchos. I guess that means that we’ll be getting in touch with our feminine side.

Be sure to keep us posted about your 2 Million Dog Walk for Canine Cancer Awareness.

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

Brian said...

I'll sure be by to contribute my comment. That was quiet an adventure, except for the yarn yuck!

Painter Pack said...

Poor Puff! Hair balls is not fun at all! But I am glad that woo all had such a nice day! We will try and remember to stop by tomorrow! And, I cannot believe that place only allows one furrie! What kinda joint is this? Haroooo!!! I think the Thundering Herd should make a trip there and team 'em a thing or two...or six!


Teddy Bear said...

What a fun Friday.:) 1 Dog per family? Are they serious?! We hope Puff is ok after her not so tummy friendly treat.

Teddy Bear

Kari in WeHo said...

oh wow,sounds like the event is really coming along :)


ForPetsSake said...

Oh, I wish I had check my bloggies earlier, but no such luck...
Glad your day was full of happy surprises, well, mostly anyway!