March 2, 2011

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, and Still Another White Dog understand how hard it is sometimes for Michael to be the center of attention so they took a different approach for his birthday today. This morning before school they spent a little extra time hanging out with him but didn't press the Big Day thing. Instead they left a little note in his lunch.

White Dog didn't plan an elaborate party, instead taking shy Quinn's advice for a quiet family dinner of Michael's favorite foods at home. Nuka arranged the gifts so that he could choose when he was ready to acknowledge and open them. Puff and White Dog made sure the table was set with a special placemat and candle but nobody mentioned anything was different than normal.

In his own withdrawn way, Michael seemed touched and called it the "first real birthday party he ever had." White Dog looked at me (reknowned for my all out birthday bashes) in astonishment. We were all touched that our small efforts made a difference.

The menu, fit for a 19 year old growing young man, consisted of shrimp, onion rings, bbq ribs, beef brisket, grilled sausage and salads. The White Dog Army shared in the repast sans bbq sauce and beans.

After the main course White Dog encouraged Michael to open presents since everyone was full and needed a break before dessert. AWD pointed out which one to open first.
The White Dogs had pooled their finances to get a lovely Eskie Rescue Mug and some exotic teas. Michael has been experimenting with tasting different types so the Army thought he might appreciate a Mandarin Green and a Wuyi Oolong. They were right, we had to try the Green with dessert and it was pronounced "very tasty." The pups were very pleased with their choices.

Michael requested a homemade pumpkin pie with real whipped cream in leiu of cake for his New Year dessert...and the entire White Dog Army concurred. There was not a drop of whipped cream nor a crumb of pie crust left on plates or bowls...which, White Dog tells me, brings good luck for the entire year. I firmly said "no" when Puff tried to convince that if one totally cleaned plate of pie was lucky then two would bring a landslide of good fortune. Quinn's nose followed the pie plate all the way into its resting place in the refrigerator before giving up on the chance of more.
Nuka gave Michael a kiss, and the Birthday Boy was off to his mancave..it IS a school night, after all!

Happy Birthday, Michael. We are glad we got to make the day special for you. It is our wish that your "new year" be filled with continued growth, wonderous adventures, a sense of home and security, and the knowledge that you are loved.


TwoSpecialWires said...

And it's our wish, too. For an amazing year. ANOTHER amazing year. Please pass our birthday wishes to Michael!

Now. We've a question. If you think that the shelter where Michael volunteers could use some sturdy toys, we'd love to send some. What do you think?

Sorry to be in a rush ... It's almost midnight!

Jake and Fergi and moma

Teddy Bear said...

Happy Birthday, Michael! I think it's safe to say you had a great day and a fabulous dinner.:) We hope this year is the best one yet!:)

Teddy Bear

Ginger Jasper said...

Michael wishing you a happy Birthday and we wanted to sday that we have seen over the past year how you have come on in all aspects ansd that is down to the love you are constantly being shown. The best birthday ever shows that the right choices were made and that you knew that you are loved.. Wonderful and here is to the next year of growing and basking in the love.. Hugs GJ xx

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

How very special!!! We hope there are many more special but quiet birthday parties for Michael. And the Momster says she would love a helping of those shrimp and onion rings:)

Happy Birthday, Michael.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Amber DaWeenie said...

Happy Birfday to Michael....

Nice to meet you, White Dog!...da OP Pack sent us over a while ago but we is....slow! BOL

We have a White Dog in our pack too. His name is Reno and he's almost 16 years old!

ra husky said...

harrooo! Happy birthday from Wyoming Michael!!

RA & Isis

Kari in WeHo said...

Happy Birthday Michael!


rottrover said...

We love quiet birthdays! And pumkin pie with real whipped cream!

Brian said...

Happy Birthday Michael, the White Dog Army loves you...and so do their pals!

Mack said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday to Michael !!
I bet that food was the best ever (It sure looks it)!!

Remington said...

Happy Birthday Michael! Well done, my friends!

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

Pawsome post! Happy happy birthday, Michael! What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday! We are so glad that you enjoyed your day!

The meal looks delicious and the pumpkin pie sounds lip-smacking wonderful!! Yummy! The teas are such a great idea, White Dog Army! Good job!

Suka (and K)

Sagira said...

Happy Birthday Michael. That looks like a super birthday dinner. :)

Stella said...

Cheers for Michael and his special birthday. The food looked so very yummy!

Thanks to you, too, White Dog, for sending me an update on Gregg, the news is good and we will continue to hope for total healing.


Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

So sorry we are SO tardy in our greetings!

Happy Michael Day Plus!