April 13, 2011

White Dog Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog has an amazing friend, Take Abe (tah-kay ah-bay) who is an extraordinary artist and musician. Unfailingly, it is his ambient classical electronic works that soothe and relax WD. Take just released a new album, “Pray,” on his record label, Cacaos (the name of one of his cats). The liner notes, much to White Dog’s surprise, acknowledge their special friendship.

The music, as White Dog expected, is sublime. She positioned herself midway between the speakers for maximum effect and rested her head on paws as she dove deep into Take’s intricate, graceful, enchanting soundscapes. Slowly, the rest of The White Dogs ventured in to listen…and by the end of the CD, Quinn, Nuka, and Puff were sitting at Steve’s side hypnotized by his rhythmic petting and Take’s music.

As we listened, we could not all help but to offer a silent prayer to the Universe for him and his family. Take Abe lives in Tokyo and is surviving the horrors that his country is facing. For safety he has sent his family to stay with relatives in the somewhat safer countryside, but he remains in the city to pursue his art and to care for his 6 cats.

He sends word through Facebook that Tokyo is experiencing rolling power failures. “So I may be not able to connect to internet enough and may not use a PC enough. I really hope all people and all animals will be safe”. He adds, “All Japanese people would like to say many thanks to people in the world! We'll never give up!”

And in the midst of all the chaos and aftershocks and fear of nuclear disaster, Take manages to find within himself a fountain of joy and hope…and is able to share his vision of a clean whole loving world with us all. With determined spirit like Take Abe’s creatively influencing the world, The White Dog Army (especially Siku Marie) knows it is a wonderful world.


Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

Thank you for sharing such lovely music! And for informing us on the status of your Japanese friend. What a scary time, and we pray every day that things get better and the animals and people are able to stay safe.

Siku Marie, once again I am impressed by your wisdom! It is truly a wonderful World, and pups like you and humans like your parents and Take Abe help to make it so.


p.s. Were you able to figure out how to get the green grass off your fluffy white coat?

Teddy Bear said...

Wow, what beautiful music. We will be keeping our paws crossed for Take Abe and all his kitties and his family.

Teddy Bear

Brian said...

Such a wonderful human! I sure hope Take and everyone else will be okay over that way, we worry about all of them. I'll have to check out the music!

Jacqueline said...

Such soothing music; thanking you guys for your support was a special, loving gesture by your talented friend, Take Abe and we echo Suka's comments...We have missed visiting with you guys (out of town company for Spring Break and we are having a garge sale this weekend at our old house, finally getting ready to put it on the market May 1=what a big job, will be relieved when it's over!), but we have enjoyed catching up on your always wonderful posts and loved all the great photos=you guys are such a gorgeous family, inside and out!...We adored reading about your exciting road trip and especially the comraderie between you all now that Nuka and Puff have embraced their roles in your precious family unit=it is heartwarming to understand how much your love and care has helped these adorable sweethearts (including beautiful Siku and handsome Quinn of course) to live a happy life...We LOVE you guys and send purrs and prayers to all those affected by the terrible tragedy in Japan; many blessings to Take Abe and his family...Also, Sue, we keep you in our prayers, hoping your health issues are under control; you are such a special woman and singing to your babies for your health has created a sweet bonding experience for you all=just love the image of you surrounded by your adoring family, especially with AWD being able to enjoy the moment as well...Big hugs and much love to you all...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

Remington said...

Very relaxing! Thank you for sharing! Our thoughts and prayers are with those in Japan....so sad....

Kari in WeHo said...

what beautiful music :)


Ginger Jasper said...

So very beautiful. Thank you for sharing that with us. We pray that your friend stays safe. What a terrible thing to be so worries about after shocks and nuclear problems along with trying to rebuild. The bravery of all then people in Japan is just so very humbling. Hugs GJ x

TwoSpecialWires said...

Do NOT give up on us. We will be back when we can sit back and read all the posts we have missed. There are probably a lot.

Still ... we think of you daily. Notice your eskie ornament every time we walk past it. Taste your duck jerky as often as we can talk Moma into it. And admire Moma in a most beautiful very special silk scarf that she treasure more than you will ever know.

Much love
Jake and Fergi (making the rounds ... trying to catch up, only to fall behind again)

Asta said...

How bootiful and soothing and inspiwing.
Youw fwiend has a lovely soul and he show is in his awt
Siku Mawie and all the white dogs have wondwful taste
smoochie kisses

Anonymous said...

Dear White Dog!
Thank you very much for your beautiful blog!
Takehiko is wonderful human and very talented artist!
Best wishes from Poland! :)
Halina ♥

ForPetsSake said...

Mesmerizing - thanks for sharing this with us. Nyxie leaned in closer to listen as the music started. My heart goes out to your friend and his family at this horrific time in Japan.