April 27, 2011

White Dog and The White Dog Army Wonderful World Wednesday

On a day when the world seems preoccupied with proving birth certificates; insane pettiness; hateful fighting; and the endless news of humans hurting themselves, animals, and the environment it feels as though we could drown in the negativity. The discovery of this very special young woman and her genuine efforts to make a difference filled us all with hope and reminded us that there are lots of people taking positive actions to change the world. Perhaps it is truly time for “adult” humans to stop and let the children and the beasts show us a better way…

Young Author Raises 150K for Audubon Society (APRIL 25, 2011 MSNBC)
Eleven-year old Olivia Bouler made news after the Gulf oil spill when she raised money for the Audubon Society with her drawings of birds. Now the Audubon Society has published her drawings in a book called "Olivia's Birds: Saving the Gulf." The book is available online. At www.amazon.com/Olivias-Birds Audubon.org

Olivia wept when she heard about the oil spill on the Gulf Coast, a place where she spent many vacations with her cousins and grandparents who live in Louisiana and Alabama. Knowing birds were going to suffer, she decided to take action. Inspired by her hero John James Audubon, Olivia wrote to the Audubon Society about her idea to raise funds for Gulf Coast birds, and about her dreams of going to Cornell to study ornithology some day.

Olivia set a goal of drawing 500 pictures of birds and selling prints to those who donated to wildlife recovery efforts. The response has been inspirational. Olivia has raised more than $155,000 so far for organizations helping wildlife in the Gulf region, including $25,000 from AOL in honor of Olivia’s efforts. More than 25,000 people joined her Facebook fan page. Her story has been featured by CNN, The Today Show, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric, Larry King Live, and others. To date, Olivia has drawn at least 80 different species of birds in 500 original drawings.

She is not done with helping animals in need, however. This young artist and author is on a new mission to help animals—and the ASPCA. In a new partnership with the company ArtStamps, Olivia is using her artistic talents to help animals once again. Her latest design of her pets, Quinn, and Clara, or any of her other art gallery images, are now available on more than 500 products offered by ArtStamps. And 25% of all sales from Olivia’s gallery will be donated to the ASPCA!

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, and Still Another White Dog wish Olivia much success with her book and her art. She is a hero in our eyes.


TwoSpecialWires said...

Wow. Olivia is a hero in our eyes, too. We are so happy for young people like her ... for she is the next generation ... one that can truly make a difference. Thank you for introducing us to her.

Much love
Jake and Fergi

Sam said...

What a clever girl! I agree with above - I'm glad she is the next generation, we need more like her.


♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Wow, Olivia is one amazing human - wonder what her future holds - all things good and wonderful and kind for sure.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Stella said...

What an amazing girl! She will be successful you can be sure and live a good life, too. Right on our blog we have the young girl who delivers dog food to shelters based on us answering the dog/cat questions. She has done an amazing job too. I feel so proud of these kids.

Stella and Jo

Mr. Pip said...

Thanks for this lovely post and a reminder of what can be accomplished with hope and love. It is so easy to get caught up in these negative times. We must all learn to focus on these glimmers of hope!

Your pal, Pip

rottrover said...

Well, I have goosebumps! Mr. Pip spoke for me. Thanks for posting about this remarkable young person!!

Teddy Bear said...

Way to go, Olivia. We love the pictures and what an amazing girl!:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Brian said...

What a special little lady! She is already having such a positive impact on the world, we just know she will continue to be an inspiration!

Peggy's Place said...

I have your blankie ready to ship. Just email me your address :)
mar123 at gmail dot com

Random Felines said...

Wow - the world needs more people like her!! And to think she is still growing up and will make even more changes - thanks for the uplifting story!!

Remington said...

That is SO cool! What a difference people can make! She is amazing!

Cappy the Eskie said...

What an impressive little girl with such a BIG heart !

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

Bailey Be Good! said...

Such a wonderful thing she's doing! I wish her much luck!

Woofs & hugs,


Sagira said...

What a smart and precious girl to do that. :)