April 29,2011

YoYo Update: The Power of The Paw and the faith of all who believed that YoYo was meant to become part of our family is incredibly strong...and successfully swayed the Universe. After midnight, we received a call from Roxanne, the angel who is helping arrange the transport, telling us that the rescuer had given permission to release YoYo to us for transport this morning. We went to bed, convinced that it was not going to happen. We took the news with caution since we had been at this point several times during the past few days, so we waited to see. But YoYo has been on the road a couple of hours now so we feel safe in joyfully announcing: YoYo is on his way home! We will finally be able to put our arms around our baby on Tuesday night but he IS happily riding in the car, windows open, and seeming very happy, according to reports. Thank you all for your prayers and energies and support...and special thanks to so many whom we will devote another post to...this is a wonderful community...and world!

White Dog is my daemon, my soulmate, and I just expect that no matter what she will be there with the proper response. The emotional empathy that our dogs experience with us always astounds me for its high consciousness...seldom are they wrong and often they have us figured out before we do. This is not my thought process as I hold WD tightly as a shield against the world or relax into the sublime calmness of her curled against me on her back as she stares deeply into my eyes. Or when she licks the tears from my cheek. Or knows just to sit quietly with her head on my arm.

The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster as we try to finalize arrangements to bring YoYo, the blind Eskie from Northern California that we are adopting, to us, his new forever family. The plans have been up then down and then completely train-wrecked when the rescuer's own mom was rushed to ICU in another state and is on life support. She is dealing with a lot of stress and is also feeling some sense of attachment to YoYo who has been with her long enough to respond to her voice.

There are other factors as well...the threat from animal control in her city to seize the animals...all of the wonderful people who have volunteered to put their lives on hold to drive and overnight YoYo as he makes his way to us (and their flexibility to shifting schedules). Every time I think we have things worked out, the plan breaks down.

White Dog sat with me all day as I phone called, begged, cried in frustration, lost hope, rebounded, and wanted to give up. She was uncanny in her response to my needs and truly, if it had not been for her, I probably would have totally lost perspective and belief that YoYo WILL come home.

Even more astounding is that she was able to communicate my need to Quinn, Nuka, and Puff. Each in their own way came to me with reassurance and encouragement and by the end of the day, White Dog sat at my side, and the other three were arrayed around me, cocooning me in a circle of quiet strength and determination. I cried at the beauty of their devotion.

Things are still very undetermined and I am still very nervous about how things will play out. If it were up to the dogs, YoYo would be here already...we hope YoYo can feel that and comes home soon.


24 Paws of Love said...

Isn't it amazing how dogs know what we need before we need it? And their higher sense of communication is mind-blowing. So sorry to hear of the tragedies that keep occuring. I hope Yo-Yo knows what a wonderful loving home he is entering into. Paw Prayers of peace for you and your family.

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

What a sad post. I am sorry that trying to bring Yo-Yo home has had such steep positives and negatives involved. My paws are crossed that things will work out very soon and Yo-Yo will be sitting in your mom's lap, in the comfort of his new forever family, very very soon.

Thoughts and prayers are with all of you and Yo-Yo, and Yo-Yo's family. Power of the Paws will make it work!

Suka (and K)

Teddy Bear said...

We hope and hope that YoYo will be home soon. We've got our paws crossed...very firmly.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Why does it have to be so hard to help? We have candles lit here today in remembrance of all furries that have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We are going to light another one now for YoYo to make his way to your home and hearts without further difficulty. Paws crossed and prayers for all involved in this effort. Hugs to you and the White Army for their support to you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Kari in WeHo said...

Yes he will come home :) And we promise not to try and keep him!


The Thundering Herd said...

Dogs are totally amazing in the adaptabiliy they have shown in living with us weird human creatures. They cN sense our emotional needs and react to them.

Strong wishes for a great outco e for Yo-Yo.

Kristine said...

That's so rough. I wish your family and Yo Yo the best of luck over the next coming days. The animal loving thing ain't easy, eh?

rottrover said...

Yo Yo seems to have the perfect name! Paws crossed he gets to become a soldier in the WDA very soon :-)

Rottie Kisses!

Prints the Cat said...

We are sending pawsitive thoughts your way in that Yoyo is brought safe and sound to you! Thank you to everyone who is volunteering to transport Yoyo to his new home.

Comet and BLU said...

We already told our girl that she has to bring Yoyo to you and the entire white dog army. She promises that she won't keep him.....really.... and if she tries, we will pee on her bed.

Brian said...

I am purring and praying for YoYo will have a safe journey and be with you all really, really soon. We'll all do a happy dance when that happens!!!

meowmeowmans said...

We have our paws and fingers crossed and are purring and praying for a safe journey for YoYo. Thank you to the White Dog Army and all who are helping to make this happen. We love you!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Dogs just have an inner sense about things going on around them and those they love. Can't wait to meet YoYo.

giantspeckledchihuahua said...

I just read about YoYo on kari''s blog. We're located just east of Kingman, AZ if we can help. I couldn''t find your email anywhere.
chol992000 AT yahoo DOT com

I'll email kari, with my phone number, etc.

ForPetsSake said...

I'm just catching up here, but I can feel the pain and frustration you're feeling. I'm hoping that as I read farther and farther into my "not read" posts, I will see you successfully bring little YoYo home. And yes, it's utterly uncanny how our kiddos understand our needs. The pack is strong and if any one member is suffering, all the others will be there to keep the pack strong. Family is a beautiful thing.