June 28, 2011

White Dog looked at me as I sank back in the chair and pulled a pillow over my head. I felt her as she placed her paw in comfort on my shoulder and purred in my ear. I said to her,"I am becoming my mother! This is just what she sounded like midsummer when dealing with me and my five sisters!"

It is still very hot here, too hot for pups to spend too much time out of doors. They are B-O-R-E-D and are tired of being brushed and read to and cuddled and don't want to nap anymore under the cool air vents. They want something to DO! I rolled the ball down the hallway and three pairs of eyes turned with total disinterest to watch it bump into the wall and slowly come to a stop. I dangled a tuggie toy and Puff took it from my hands and hid it in her crate. The only moment of joy came when the mailman arrived and set off a White Dog Army intruder alert drill.

Then the WDA decided to play the antagonize my sibling game. Nuka for no reason leaped up and ran across the room to stand barking in Puff's face. SAWD took the piece of jerky Quinn was eating right out from under his paw. YoYoMa muscled in on everyone while in a gliding sit position smiling innocently. Nuka yelled at Yo for eating her kibble; this after she turned to discover this atrocity as she was polishing off the last of Quinn's bowl. Quinn decided to nap in the bathroom behind the door and stretched out so that the door could not be opened...I had to beg with bursting bladder for him to PLEASE get up!

There was endless sniping and trash talking until everyone ran themselves out. So when Steve came home, all the White Dogs were curled up like angels behaving perfectly.

I felt exactly like my mom did when my dad came home during those summer days long ago and said to her, "I don't know why you look so worn out, you had the girls to help you all day!"

Except there is no magic back to school date for pups circled on the calendar. Help an old woman keep her sanity, pray for rain and cooler temps in Albuquerque!


Teddy Bear said...

We know how unbearable hot weather can be.:( We've got our paws crossed for cooler temps and some rain are headed your way. We had a nice day of rain and cooler temps today. But the heat is on its way.:(

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Mr. Pip said...

I am doing my yorkie rain dance right now. May you be blessed with cooler temps very soon!

Your pal, Pip

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We feel your pain. We are so tired of our roofers. It may be hot outside, but we so need to be able to use our potty kingdom, it is just not the same when Mom takes us out on leash. And the noise, and the problems. Please let it be done.

Hoping for rain and cooler temps and happier pups for you.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Random Felines said...

We are purring for cooler weather for you! Even we get the crazies and mom wants to give us all a time out....

Remington said...

It is starting to get hot here too....but not as hot as where you live....I hope for cooler temps for you, my friend!

Mack said...

We're kinda in the same situation. It is SO hot and humid here mom is always looking for ways to keep us entertained.
We also are desperado for some rain to come our way!!

Brian said...

Yep, sometimes the hots bring out the best in all of us...heehee!

Kari in WeHo said...

each day has hit over 105 since we moved to Vegas. We are lucky to have the pool to tire the pups out. We have started taking lots of mini trips outside


Sagira said...

Sure hope it cools off there for you guys soon.

Asta said...

I hope it cools off fow you enuff to be able to have some pleasant summew days and nights..I will miss the white dog awmy in Honowoowoo, but going to the opewa and seeing La Boheme is vewy special and we soo undestand that you would want to go thewe. mommi and Daddi have seen it a billion times and still get all teawy when they heaw the awias(even i know it by heaw, hehehehe)
We hope you have a most wondewful time
smoochie kisses

Scout 'n Freyja said...

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