June 9, 2011

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog and Yet Another White Dog are concerned about their sister, Puff. She has developed a racking cough due to the heavy smoke that hangs in the air over Albuquerque despite our attempts to keep her indoors and away from inhaling it. Steve feels the effects, too, in his itching red eyes and shallower breathing (he is slightly asthmatic). Our skies have an eerie copper orange glow at sunset and during the day the sun filters through a sickly grey atmosphere (where are our cerulean blue Land of Enchantment heavens?). Health officials have issued warnings that the elderly, the young and the sick stay indoors with closed windows; vets caution all to consider their animals and to bring them indoors as well.

These are all the effects of the huge wildfire in Arizona (1/2 a mile from the NM border) which has burned 607 square miles and remains uncontained after 12 days. We are over 200 miles from the flames and know that those closer are truly suffering. More than 200 miles of highway have been closed and transmission lines that power southern New Mexico and Texas are threatened.

The worst is that this fire is not the only one burning in the moisture starved Southwest. Another fire rages in Arizona, one burns in southeastern NM, and five flame in southern Colorado. This is not a promising start to fire season and The White Dog Army worries at the loss of lives, homes, habitats, and splendor that will take generations to regrow.

The big one in Arizona that has reached far enough to personally touch little Puff reportedly was started by a careless campfire. As White Dog lamented during our discussion about this tragedy, "getting angry is too little and too pointless, and grieving for what is being wastefully lost is overwhelming." She knows firsthand that nothing touches the soul more deeply than walking or driving through a forest which has burned down...it is the emptiest, loneliest, most heartbreaking journey on the planet.

Please send prayers and ask the Universe to bless those effected and to provide extra strength to the brave men and women facing down these infernos. And please, the WDA begs you, always be aware and careful when dealing with fire.

Painting, Renewal, is the copyrighted work of Susan Sehi-Smith


nancyturtle said...

The air reminds me of growing up in Los Angeles County, CA in the 50's and 60's. It looks exactly like the smog on the worst days of summer. These ae not happy memories. I've been out doing a rain dance daily to bring on the monsoons.

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

We are very sad to hear that Puff and Steve are suffering so from the smoke. And to think you aren't even that close is very scary. It has been a wild year for Mother Nature. We will keep all of you and all affected by the fires in our thoughts and prayers.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

Mr. Pip said...

My paws are crossed that the fires will soon be out. Stay safe.

We LOVE that painting. The colors are amazing and my mom always likes paintings that include words.

Your pal, Pip

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

Very furry sad to hear both Puff and your dad are suffering. Please stay safe and as healthy as possible. It is a sad time and we do pray that all those in the line of fire are secure and safe, and that loss is kept to a minimum. We always worry about the animals, in zoos, in the wild, in shelters, during these times of emergency.

About an hour ago, after very strong winds and a large temperature drop (relief!), a sudden burst of new wind brought a furnace of heat and dust. Now it is very hot outside. Odd.

I know a lot of sadness surrounds the fires, but look at the positive. Fires help rebuild forest ecosystems and restore the nutrients of the soil. Fires also sprout seeds of native plants and kill non-native plants. The cycle of life continues.

Hope you all feel better. Puff, healing thoughts being sent your way. Please take care!


p.s. Thanks for your super nice Comment! :->

Suka said...

oops! P.S.S. Your painting is amazing! The colors are so vibrant! Love it!

rottrover said...

Mom's eyes and my eyes STILL are puffy from what ever was released during the Station Fire here in 2009. Butt our hills are green this year and our stream is crystal clear.


Teddy Bear said...

What a beautiful painting by your Mom.:) We've got our paws crossed super tight that the fires will get contained and not spread. We hope Puff and Dad get better.

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Mack said...

Oh guys - please be careful. We sure do hope those fires are out soon.


Brian said...

We will all continue to purr and pray for everyone in or around the fire zone. That is just way too scary.

Random Felines said...

We are still purrin' hard for you guys and everyone that is affect by this...truly scary. We hope that mother nature will take care of everything and soon you will get to see the regrowth!!

Amber DaWeenie said...

We are all so sorry to hear about poor little Puff and Steve too. We've been reading about the fires and our hearts go out to all affected, especially those that cannot help themselves or protect themselves. Our prayers are with you all.

Bailey Be Good! said...

That painting is wonderful (& I should know 'cause my mommy's into the whole art thing).

I'm so sorry that there is still smoke in your area. I am sending lotsa puppy prayers your way!

Happy Friday woofs & hugs,


meowmeowmans said...

We are purring and praying as hard as we can for you and everyone affected by these fires. We are so sorry to hear that the smoke has been so tough on Steve and Puff.

We love you guys.

Kari in WeHo said...

we hope it gets contained soon!