July 17, 2011

White Dog, The Other White Dog, Another White Dog, Still Another White Dog, and Yet Another White Dog want to give special thanks to our wonderful photographer friend, Lisa, mommeh over At The World of Hansel, for our spiffy new header. The photos of White Dog and Quinn are the result of her visit last year to Albuquerque; when the WDA was merely a duo. We send a million White Dog Army kisses and are very grateful for our new look. Stop by and leave wishes of good luck and welcome. Her baby, Ava, is imminently scheduled to arrive.

Our heat wave continues and even at 9 am this morning the temperatures were pushing 90 degrees...too hot for fun at the Park. Instead, we cocooned indoors in shaded rooms with cooling air flowing and ceiling fans whirling like a scene from Casablanca! We drank lots of ginger water. The pups enjoyed pumpkin popsicles. The WDA actually sat still and savored long, fur removing brushing; then tuned to expose bellies to the breeze as we de-shedded them. Everyone piled into the car for a ride with fully cranked air conditioning to run a few errands but mostly to just have an opportunity for a chill few moments. We all gathered at the refrigerator door to decide what was for lunch (cold chicken slices, olives, goat cheese and chewy baguette rounds. Some of us were VERY reluctant to take our heads our of the cooling box. We all napped.

It was not our most exciting Sunday ever, but we were together, and that made the day special. We hope you had as relaxing and contented a day.


Teddy Bear said...

We love your new header! You all were very smart to stay indoors and avoid the heat. We hope cooler temps come your way soon.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Sam said...

We love the new header!

We are suffering from the heat down here too - there isn't much we can do except stay indoors!


KB said...

That's a lovely header!

I'm sorry about your heat and I hope that it abates soon. In the meantime, enjoy hanging out in the cool indoors together.

Random Felines said...

Great new header!! We hope you get cooler weather soon. Tim likes to stick his head in the fridge too but we think he is just looking for leftovers.

ForPetsSake said...

I love the new header!! Great pics, indeed.
Our weekend was spent much the same, we're starting to feel like moles in a cave. Better than this heat. We're expecting temps right around 100 all week and next week they're forecasting a high of 105!!

Swimflyaway said...

Ah, I remember what 90 degrees feels like. Y'all may (rightfully) think that's hot, but when the average temp here is 105, with 75% humidity... I'm just saying. :-)

I love the new header! It really fits your blog.


Ginger Jasper said...

I love your new header, its gorgeous. Try and stay cool my friends.. Hugs GJ xx

Mr. Pip said...

It's very hot here, too! A pumpkin popsicle sounds like a perfect way to cool off!

Your pal, Pip

Sagira said...

What a great new header! Mom keeps asking dad to make us a new one that includes all of us but we just keep waiting and waiting... sigh