July 20, 2011

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog believes that many people have no idea the impact their actions have on other people. Like a stone tossed into a pond the ripples it causes spread outward to unimagined places and unknown people. It is part of what makes positive action such a powerful tool in shaping a wonderful world. If each person did just one small thing, The Other White Dog explained, they could change a life, improve a situation, make a real difference.

Nuka found this perfect example the other day on the Good News Network:

Gratitude for a modest hero Jodie Stephens July 18, 2011
Alan McMillan was shocked when he learned he had saved as many as 900 lives.The Buderim man has never worked as a trauma surgeon, a fireman or a life guard – he has simply given an hour of his time every second Tuesday to give blood. But with every fortnightly donation to the Red Cross, Mr McMillan has saved as many as three lives.

As part of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s National Blood Donor Week celebrations earlier in the week, he was honored for making more than 300 donations since 1977.
Mr McMillan said it was “enlightening” to hear guests describe how blood donors had saved their lives. “I didn’t realize I was potentially helping so many people,” he said.

Mr McMillan said he never planned to reach 300 donations but blood donation was just a part of his regular routine. “I don’t really remember why I first did it, but I knew people used blood and it was just an opportunity to help. Now I attend the blood bank every fortnight. They know at work that on Tuesday afternoons I’m not available.”

Mr McMillan said he hoped his achievement would encourage others to give blood.
“It’s something that doesn’t cost you anything except an hour of your time, but it’s got such wide-reaching benefits.”


  • One in three people will need blood, but only one in 30 people currently give blood. In the USA the number is 1 in 7 entering the hospital need blood. Every day more than 38,000 blood donations are needed.

  • There are several kinds of blood donation: whole blood donations, plasma donations and platelet donations.

  • If only one more % of Americans start donating blood then blood scarcity would disappear soon. If all blood donors donate blood three times in a year, then blood shortages would be a rare event.

  • Plasma and platelet donations can be made every two weeks, while whole blood donations can be made every 12 weeks.

  • Plasma donations are used to make 17 different products and contain very important proteins, nutrients and clotting factors.

900 lives saved by an hour spent every two weeks by one man. Imagine the impact, White Dog challenges, if 10 people gave 26 hours a year? Or 100? Or 100,000? Imagine…

For another story that illustrates taking an active role in creating a Wonderful World, please check out Scout and Freyja's current post about shelters for pups living with domestic violence. The awareness of the need for safe havens and its availability for pets in these situations can save lives, both human and canine.


Asta said...

Sweetest Nuka and the white dog awmy

You awe twooly an awmy for good..you manage to help us see the good in hoomans and life Thank you so much. these awe difficult days fow mommi and Daddi and you aways manage to bwing a smile and hope and faith.
Daddi was immediately in line to give blood at St Vincent's hospital on 9/11
sadly thewe was not much need because most didn't make it
and this wondewful Hospital wif it's faboolous twauma centew(they saved bof mommi and daddi once)
is now closed doo to lack of funds
I love you and thank you fow being my fwiend
smoochie kisses

Asta said...

Pleez pawdon me fow calling you nuka instead of Siku Mawie..I have no idea whewe my bwain is
smoochie kisses
ASTA and hew dense secwetawy, Mommi

Asta said...

hehehehe, Siku Mawie

I aways thought that Cawpe diem was about fishies too (scoose me, I'm dwooling hewe)
Mommi says hew family used to have Cawp on Chwissmuss Eve when she was a little giwl in Hungawy I've nevew had any and now I find out fwom you that Cawpe when combined wif Diem is not in a sauce ow anything

so I'm going to go twy to catch some of youw kind of Cawpe now
smoochie kisses

Teddy Bear said...

We love people who give wholeheartedly, expecting nothing in return.:) Thank you for sharing such an inspiring story.:)

Teddy Bear & Sierra

Amber DaWeenie said...

Very good post and something most people don't even realize or think about. Thank you for sharing this information.

Sagira said...

How would you feel knowing you save a life, that would be awesome.

I used to give blood but now my veins are hard to find and they can usually only get blood from my hands and Red Cross will not let you donate through your hands. :(

KB said...

You are so wonderful and so enlightening. Thank you.

Brian said...

Such great information and just think if everybody just did something!

Cappy the Eskie said...

We checked out Scout and Freyja's post about shelters for pups living with domestic violence. We realized how very lucky we are.

Hugs and yips,
Cappy and Ollie

P.S. Ollie and I are BOTH going to Obedience Training classes tonight. Mom calls it *Boot Camp*.
I think that the classes are more for the pawrents.