September 10, 2011

White Dog and YoYoMa pushed their way through the crowd to be the first ones at the door this morning as Steve and I gathered our things and got ready to go. The others were cued up behind them. "Ahem." I said gently and a little sadly. "Dad and I are going to the TEDxABQ seminar today...without you." There were shocked looks all around. No one would even budge at the lure of duck jerky. I herded them back into the house and shut the door in their faces...and felt guilty as I looked back at Nuka's wiggy wag of a beg to come along.

The seminar was wonderful and inspirational. We returned home discussing what we had seen and experienced; and could not wait to share our day with the White Dog Army.

We stopped when we walked in the door expecting a rush of white. Nope. No one paid us any mind. We were being shunned!

The wastepaper bag I have hanging from my cart had been pulled down and emptied across the living room. The bench in the kitchen had been overturned. (At that Steve rushed to make sure the boys had not gotten into a fight but found no indication of such...Quinn was still quietly sleeping in the office where he was gated...everyone else was unmarked and safe as well.

In the bedroom a box of tissues had been shredded and the bedcovers had been pawed to the bottom of the bed. The towels were pulled off of the rods in the bathroom. Leopard print plushie bone had been savaged and stuffing oozed from its side.

Steve let Quinn out of the office. We sat back down in the living room. The pups filed past us and walked into the kitchen where they stood looking with expectation at their empty bowls.

It wasn't until they had scoured clean the "linner" (late lunch/early dinner bribe) that Steve had put out that the White Dog Army offered ears to rub and necks to cuddle. "Thank dog, it looks like we have been Forgiven," Steve laughed. I opened the jerky bag and doled out duck just to make sure.


24 Paws of Love said...

BOL!! That's what you get for leaving the WDA!! Too funny! Been there a many different times. I bet they are thinking that you will think twice before doing that again!!

Suka said...

hey White Dog Army,

BOL! And the White Dog Army attacks with the dreaded "shunning of the humans"!! Too funny! And, the added bonus of attacking random items in the house! Love how your humans retreated with linner and duck jerky. WDA wins! ;->


Amber DaWeenie said...

Oh nose.....you house has been invaded by dos nasty squirrels again. How could dey make such a mess!!!!!

Kari in Vegas said...

Well that is payback after all


Brian said...

HeeHee, nothing like a good house trashing pawty!