September 17, 2011

White Dog grumbled as we got up early to see Steve off this morning, "I think I liked the old Saturday thing better!" "Well, yesterday you said you liked Friday, the NEW Saturday better," I said yawning, too. "We can't have the NEW Staurday AND the Old Saturday." "Why not?" she asked.

"Anyway," I said, changing the subject. "Today is the first day of the White Dog and White Dog Army Countdown to Puppy Up New Mexico...It is EIGHT Days Away!"

We were about to organize some of the materials that have arrived as donations for the 2MillionDog Puppy New Mexico Walk to end cancer. Companies and people (many from here in our blog community) have been most generous in contributing goods for raffle prizes, thank you gifts, free samples, and awards. Our hope was to combine things that go in the same areas of the Event together so everything for the Used Book Shoppe, for example, is all grouped in one spot. Hopefully this will make it easier to transport and set up each section when we get to the park next week.

White Dog and I worked hard and had help from YoYoMa and Puff as we worked. Quinn joined us for a while but then he went to join Nuka who was still on the old Saturday calendar, sleeping in. It took us all morning and most of the afternoon but we finished just before Steve returned from work. Here is how he found White Dog, supervisor extraordinaire and her assistants in training:


Kari in Vegas said...

It sounds like things are really coming along for the big event!


KB said...

You've been working so hard (with help from WDA)! It sounds like it's going to go very smoothly!

Sagira said...

Just 8 days away? WOW! You have to take LOTS of photos for us, okay?

Amber DaWeenie said...

Certainly sounds like you and the WDA have things well under control.


Mack said...

I think WD means business! I would do exactly as she says!