September 21, 2011

White Dog and White Dog Army Countdown to the Puppy Up New Mexico Walk to end cancer...It is FOUR Days Away!

White Dog knew when we saw the rainbow in the early morning sky that it was going to be a Wonderful World Wednesday. And when Daisy Mae and Maple, the WDA's poodle friends (Daisy is the White Dog of Love to our shy boy, Quinn) showed up with their mom to help us get ready for the Walk to End cancer, we were absolutely certain. They drove 3 hours to help make signs and assemble gift bags, and even (what an amazing friend) DUST!

Gregg and Candace joined us in the evening after long days at work to spend hours putting samples and information sheets and discounts and special offers and freebies in the fashionable environmentally correct brown bags from our Co-Op which will be given in "Thanks" to those who Walk at our side on Sunday.
The White Dog Army believes that when friends volunteer to give up their precious freetime and eat cold pizza as a reward because they believe not just in an incredible cause but because they want to be a part of making your dream reality...it is a darn Wonderful World!


Amber DaWeenie said...

Yes, this is wonderful. Cold pizza isn't bad either!


Brian said...

That is the type of commitment that always makes me smile too!

Random Felines said...

We would work for pizza.... Keep up the good work and we are so very glad you have such good friends.

rottrover said...

The WDA is invincible!! Sending lots of pawsitive energy to you!!

Kari in Vegas said...

Everyone should work for pizza


Sagira said...

Looks at all those beautiful helpers. How cool. Good luck to you guys...I can't wait to see all the photos (please take bunches) :)

Mack said...

You have some awesome friends!
And I love pizza at any temperature!

KB said...

It is a wonderful world, and WDA is a big part of making it even more wonderful!