September 29, 2011

White Dog is glad that things are starting to settle back to normal around the White Dog Ranch. The mornings are fresh and crisp and the house smells autumnally delicious as the pumpkin spice coffee brews in the morning (this was Michael's first foray into buying coffee and after a free sample pronounced this one "marvelous" when he brought home the gift of caffeine).

White Dog and The Other White Dog were actually glad to hear me making appointments at the groomer for them next week. They skipped out of September because our lives were a wee bit hectic but now Quinn's toes are getting owl-y and White Dog's dainty white paws leave scratches when she demands attention. YoYoMa will get his spa day the following week. Our girls, Nuka and Puff prefer Chez Steve for their beauty workout so this weekend they will get the full treatment here at home.

This afternoon, after the mailman frenzy, we all sat on the porch and watched the sun dappling through the leaves. Still Another White Dog was the first to spot some changing leaves on the mulberry trees. It was pleasant to once again have the luxury of just sitting together and then quietly brushing out White Coats that were each clearly sending a message that the WDA's bodies were preparing for colder days.

Balloon Fiesta starts here this weekend, unofficially marking the end of tourist season until the ski slopes open at Thanksgiving. It is truly autumn, TOWD tells the newcomer, YoYoMa. But we all wonder, where did Summer go?


Ginger Jasper said...

Indeed where did the year go. It has once again gone so fast. We are at the moment having a taste of what we should have had in the summer, lovely sunshine and heat. It is such a pity that work gets in the way of enjoying lol. We take it with pleasure before the forcast bad weather arrives. HUgs GJ xx

Brian said...

I hope y'all have a truly wonderful WD Weekend! Hey, love those balloons, they are way cool!

Random Felines said...

Summer does seem to have gone quick - but we don't miss the hots!! Sounds like a lovely day and we hope the kids enjoy their spa days.

bbes tribe said...

Ya... the year went fast! Fall colors are beautiful. A whole lotta grooming being done at your place. You will all be even more handsome/beautiful....

Remington said...

I love the smells in the house when fall arrives. Apple cider brewing and Beth tends to start baking more when it gets cold. Not to mention soups, stews and of course, chili! Okay now I am hungry....where was I going with this? I give up....have a fun weekend!

Amber DaWeenie said...

Where did summer go??? Where did the last 5 years go???

Have a great weekend!


Mr. Pip said...

Where did the summer go, indeed! It's cold and rainy here and has been for days. I will soon be heading to the groom's too.

Your pal, Pip

Sagira said...

Bet you guys are exhausted after all of that. Take some well earned time to RELAX and know that you did a great job!

Kari in Vegas said...

isn't it nice to get back to normal?


KB said...

An excellent question. Where did summer go?

I'm glad that you're all relaxing back into your normal routine.

Tweedles -- that's me said...

I am going to think of you relaxing, and I am going to relax too
Happy weekend!