October 5, 2011

White Dog and The White Dog Army
Wonderful World Wednesday

White Dog and Still Another White Dog stood at the dog door looking out. In a sight very unusual for our part of the country, water pooled in the yard and the mat on the other side of the flap (put there as a surface texture change to help blind YoYoMa find the door)squished water when they attempted to step out. Neither wanted to get her dainty feet wet at 5:30 am but needed a necessary break. Steve put on his flipflops and robe and assumed the task of making life comfortable after our nearly 24 hours of rain. He hung the mat on the railing to dry and swept off the puddles on the deck and at the ramp landing. The girls gratefully trotted past him as he came back in.

The storm had passed leaving behind a quintessential Albuquerque Autumn day. It was long sleeve time but the sky was vivid and the sun languid. You just wanted to sit in the golden light face lifted and eyes closed...nap a little maybe. Share a caramel apple. Cuddle hip-to-hip so you could feel each other's warmth. It was a good day to be alive; the kind of afternoon where you smile for no reason and want the World to be happy...even for just one second...even in just your little corner of the Universe.

When we sat together to write this blog, Nuka discovered that today is Do Something Nice Day. According to our research, it is always on October 5th but no one knows for certain who started the tradition.

As the WDA thought about it, they concluded that THIS was the exactly most perfect way to punctuate the day we were experiencing. So we sent a pick me up letter to a friend going through rough times...just a "hi. we love you." We made a donation to the Chihuahua rescue who was at our Walk to Save Cancer (where we learned the little senior blind girl momma was photographed holding needs diabetes meds). White Dog volunteered to play with the new Heeler puppy our neighbors just adopted; she was very patient with his little yips and wagging posturing. Yo and Quinn went out of their way to be extra kind to each other; Quinn being less fussy about his brother and YAWD giving TOWD a big swath of a comfort zone. Puff returned the stuffie she had been hoarding in her crate; YoYo's favorite, piggy. Michael volunteered to unclog the debris from the storm drain at the curb across the street so that the water would drain better. None of these actions will respin the Universe but to the creatures they touched, a difference was made.

Today is Do Something Nice Day. Go ahead, do something nice, anything nice. And, do it to, or for, another individual. It won't hurt......we promise.
Doing something nice for someone almost always evokes a very pleasant response. At the very least, it results in a smile. More likely, that person will do something nice to, or for you. And, best of all, doing something nice just might be contagious.

In keeping with the spirit of this day, set a goal to do something nice for someone. Perhaps, you can do this for several people. Then, sit back and watch the results! Together we can guarantee that for today at least, it IS a Wonderful World.


KB said...

I absolutely love the spirit of your blog. It makes me smile.

24 Paws of Love said...

No better way to spread the love around. We are with on this one! :)

Amber DaWeenie said...

Beautiful post....it would be even more wonderful if "Do Something Nice" day would last every day of the year!


Brian said...

I think doing something nice every single day would be a great thing!

Random Felines said...

You are absolutely right - the little things may not make a HUGE difference for everyone - but they will make a difference to SOMEONE - and that makes the world a better place for all of us......good job!

Remington said...

Well put, my friend!

Sagira said...

What a beautiful post. I just LOVE that photo of you with the flower, so cute. s